All Time High Controversies In Football

For being the world’s best game, football has its own bag of controversies. There are times when controversies in football have shattered hopes of countless diehard fans. These controversies have dark spot etched in the history of football. To mark the shame we have brought together biggest football controversies of all time.

Luis Figo’s pledge to Real Madrid

Florentino Perez promised Real Madrid fans that he will bring in Luis Figo in if he wins the presidential election in 2000. He won and brought in the world’s best Barcelona player Luis Figo to the club, the most treacherous thing happened to Barcelona fans in their history.

Most number of cards given in any FIFA fixture

During the FIFA fixture between Netherland and Portugal in 2006, 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards were given to the players because of the referee, Valentin Ivanov handed cards like candy. The game was not aggressive in the beginning, but because of frequent cards, the game turned aggressive.

Most violent football game ever

Italy versus Chile, 1962, is considered as the most violent and disgraceful game in the history of football. The first foul took place in 12th second and the first red card in 12th minute. The game was telecasted with the prior notice that the game is the most disgraceful game played in the history of football.

Death by own goal

The Columbian Andres Escobar scored an own goal by mistake during a match with the United States. The United States won 2-1 and Andres were shot six times in the parking lot after five days of his team getting eliminated from the tournament.

Zinedine Zidane’s last match

In Zidane’s last match against Italy, Marco Materazzi got a head butt from Zidane. The incident took place because Marco was insulting Zidane’s mother and sister. He was sent off by the referee in his last match.

South Korea’s 12th man

In 2002 fixture between South Korea and Italy, referee Byron Moreno called a bogus offside and disallowed a goal from Italy. Also, he sent of Francesco Totti for diving, which was clearly not a foul. Later on, South Korea won the match 2-1 and FIFA forced the referee to retire.

The winning decision of a linesman

In 1966 world cup finals, England and West Germany were 2-2 at the full time. The game went into the extra time and England’s Geoff Hurst took a shot at the goal. The ball hit the lower side of the crossbar and bounced back clear. The referee was not aware about goal so he asked to lines man, he said yes to goal but later it was disclosed that it was not goal as the ball was not crossed the line.

The biggest defeat in a semi-final

In 2014 Brazil world cup, Germany defeated the home team in semi-finals with an unbelievable margin. The final score was 7-1 in the favor of Germany, being the worst defeat in semi-final ever.

West Germany and Austria’s conspiracy against Algeria

In the group stage 1982 world cup, West Germany, and Austria planned Algeria’s elimination. The West Germany’s win with 3 or more goals would eliminate Austria and lose would result in Austria getting out. However, a win with one or two goals would eliminate Algeria. Ten minutes into the game, Germans scored and the rest of the match was basically passing practice between two teams.

The Hand of God

In the 1986 world cup quarterfinals, the legend Diego Maradona scored a goal six minutes into the second half. Maradona hit the ball with his head and then with his hand scoring the second goal. However, the referee did not notice this and the goal counted. Argentina won the match 2-1 and later the world cup.