Are You Aware About Health Benefits Of Sex?

Sex is not just about to make love but it can also benefit your health

Having sex with your partner not only brings you closer to your partner but it can also leave a positive impact on your health. Sex is a topic which is still not discussed openly. People feel shy and shameful in talking about this topic and this is the reason why people are not aware of the sex health benefits. Having sex regularly (or at periodical intervals) can bring changes to your physical and mental health. Have a closer look at these health benefits.

Sound sleep:


Sleeping immediately after having sex can help you to get more sound sleep. It is amazing how a few moments of pleasure can instantly lull you to sound sleep. The endorphins released during the process can help you to de-stress yourself and relax.

Lesser stress:


Sex helps to relieve you from stress. Endorphins are released while having sex and they are largely important for de-stressing yourself. Sex helps to create a feeling of relaxation, intimacy and the release of those good-feel giving hormones. After having a cozy and intimate sex at a night, you will always wake up in a better and relaxed mood the next morning.

Pain reliever:


Pains like Headaches can be devastating but surprisingly, researchers have proved that a good sex and a good orgasm (in both men and women) can help you relieve the pain and especially headaches. It leaves a soothing effect on your mind.

Boosting immune system:


Well yes, sex can help you boost your immune system. It clearly means that you will be less prone to cold or fever. Sex helps you to stay away from flu and it also builds a stronger immune system for you.

Less painful periods:


One of the toughest situations faced by a woman is her period days. The muscular cramps caused during the periods are highly painful. Having sex or orgasm helps you to reduce the muscular cramps and reduce the pain. This can help you to end your periods quickly than usual.

Glowy face:


Sex promotes the secretion of hormones like testosterone and estrogen in the body. These hormones help you to look younger and bring a glow over you face. Studies have shown that people who were enjoying sex with their partners looked younger that their actual age and their skin was lot more vital and soft as compared to others. Also, it improves the texture of your hair and makes them shiny and soft.

Burning calories:


Sex helps to burn calories. This is a very obvious health benefits of sex. You exercise a lot while having sex. All of your body parts move and this helps you to reduce calories. You can lose up to 300 calories but it largely depends on the time of the session.

Sex is not a widely discussed topic but people should be aware of it. It has some cons also but a list of pros is quite long comparatively. There are pretty good scientific reasons that prove that sex has a lot of health benefits. Also, the benefits of sex for men and women are equal.