Arrange Marriage V/s Love Marriage

The definition of marriage differs according to different cultural, but it is basically an institution in which intimate and sexual relationship between persons are acknowledged. This topic now a day is on the top among the discussion list between every person in this world. As the coin has two sides so the love marriage and arrange marriage have their own advantages and disadvantages. So here I would like to present an unbiased view based on data and research.

Arrange Marriage V/s Love Marriage:

  • Arrange Marriage is the marriage between two families or you can say that two families meet and they live happily ever after. In an arranged marriage more demand of spending time is there to know and understand each other so that they can easily adjust with one another and get to know needs of each other. Whereas in love marriage relationship between two people start from love and thus share a different level of understanding before marriage.
  • If one is facing any problem after love marriage he/she can directly speak to their partners without hesitation whereas in arrange marriage telling each other’s about their problem is difficult.
  • In arrange marriage it is very easy to adjust with one another as compared to love marriage because in love marriage things may often take for granted.
  • In love marriage, compromises are less whereas in arrange marriage relationship starts with compromising nature only.
  • Since arrange marriage is a combination of people of the same caste and same background so conflicts between them are less whereas in love marriage conflicts are high as they both belong to different caste and background.
  • Love marriages are not based on social affairs like dowry as they married according to their own rules while in arrange marriage social customs can get frustrating at times.
  • In arranged marriage couple has the complete support of their families whereas in love marriage couples don’t get support from their families most of the time thus they have to learn how to become independent.
  • In Arrange marriage parents select a suitable match for their son/daughter and so there are few chances of mismatch while in love marriage frequent divorce may occur as there may be no responsibility towards each other.
  • In arranged marriage, girls found to behave gentle and respect their husband parents as they are conscious about the people of her In-laws home. Whereas in love marriage this practice is not always seen and thus it leads a conflict in the family.
  • Arrange Marriage happen between established man and women so there are fewer chances of economic problem after marriage whereas in love marriage sacrifices have to be made in one’s valuable time and opportunities thus can result in economical problems which sometimes turn love into hate

From the above discussion, we came to know that both the marriages have their pros and cons .So it is good idea to love someone as love is something which is very difficult to find and not everybody found it easily, then marry him/her by taking permission from the family .It may be called love plus arrange marriage and this will bring you more happiness and fewer problems in your married life, thus you will be able to make your married life a successful one.