Quick Home Remedies for Skin Care


Today we are going to discuss one of the most common issues we face. Skin Care problems. Who doesn’t like luminous, glowing skin? We all do! But does it have to come at exorbitant prices? The so-called “branded” products that we usually buy getting tempted by the feel and scents, do they really work that well?? Most of the ingredients used to make various creams, lotions, packs, etc, are the ones you’ll find right in your kitchen. So why go to a mall/store or a salon and pay an obscene amount of money for something that you’ll find right in your home at a minuscule price? Let’s have a look at some age-old, tried and tested skin care remedies at home.

Fullers Earth and rose water

Make a paste of Multanimitti and rose water and apply on your face and wash off just before it starts to dry. Instant glow!