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Running without Cash – Use these methods to solve the issues!

The step by the government to make Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes illegal has caused a fear among the public. The main reason behind this special announcement is the rise in the incidence of black money as well as the increase in the fake currencies of higher value. Thus this brings the use of plastic money in a large amount. Innovation has changed the way of managing cash giving people more comfortable and simple access to funds from anyplace. It began with a straightforward credit card that permitted people to purchase today and pay afterward. Further, a new pattern came where most banks issue ATM cards which can be used for withdrawing as well as for making online as well as offline payments or purchases. But these technologies have both advantages and drawbacks. Here is the list of using plastic money to go cashless.

Cash Card or ATM Card:


ATM card or debit card are the payment card issued by banks to their customers for transactions such as deposits, withdraw, internet banking etc. As the higher value notes have been banned so people are unable to purchase daily need items, thus in this case debit cards is the first choice as  these cards can be used to buy items likes clothes, accessories, grocery items by entering an identification number also known as PIN. It can be used to pay bills of electricity bills, water bills, mobile and telephone bills. It also reduces the risk of carrying huge cash.

Credit Card:


It is a plastic card which is small in size and is generally issued to users to buy goods and services directly. It allows users to make a payment one time only i.e. at the end of specified period or month thus reduces the bank and handling charges. If some are out of the station and have not much amount in their debit card or bank card then they can use the credit card for purchases and travel. As credit card has certain limits of usage so it cannot be used every time.

In-store Card:


After the banning of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, these cards come in the category of most important card. These cards are given by stores to help their customers to purchase things from their stores anywhere in India. If person is not having cash he/she can use these cards to purchase these products.



Paytm is the largest mobile e –commerce website for mobile recharge, DTH Payment, Data card or metro card recharge and mobile bill payments for all operators. Thus after demonetization, it has become the basic source of plastic money as it provides a hassle free payment process. From its electronic wallet along with various cash back offers.

Aadhar Link:


As government wants India to become cashless so they are encouraging people to link their Aadhar card number to their bank accounts. This will help people to make payments. If they don’t have cash or cards and will also help the government to bring in more transaction transparency.



It is payment app which provides people to pay through their wallet online or offline along with E-Rickshaws service. Its chat-n-pay option allows people a safe and secure payment option along with hassle-free online experience.

Online Banking:


Online banking also known as internet banking or e-banking is an electronic payment system that allows people to pay through their bank account or financial institution website. It allows fund transfer along with bill payments and much more which can help for go cashless vision of India.

Mobile Banking:


It is a 24-hour service provided by the bank and other financial institutions. To conduct transactions using mobile phones or tablets through an app. It also allows access to customize information.

Mobile Wallets:


Mobile Wallet is the best and successful business ideas nowadays for go cashless economy. It allows payment through mobile phone instead of cash, cheque or cards. The user only has to register using their mobile number and gets PIN to authenticate their account number and after this they can pay anywhere and anytime.

Use of Machines:


A cash machine or automated teller machine allows people to access their bank deposit or credit accounts. To make various transactions such as cash withdraw, credit mobile phones, pay for items purchased in stores and much more.

Plastic money is an alternate method of cash or the paper money. It is very convenient and easy to carry around. As people don’t need to carry a huge amount of money while they are going for vacations or for shopping. Also one can keep records of all the transactions so they can view or track where their money is. But on the other hand, if people would not take care then this plastic money can prove to be very dangerous.

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