Over Weight Problem? Does The Magic Natural PILL For WEIGHT LOSS Exist?

In today’s day and age, with the kind of option we are given within food and beverages it becomes very difficult and almost impossible to maintain the body. Some who are genetically bound find it even more painful to get rid of the excess weight and thus everyone in one form or the other forwards a hand to weight loss supplements. Now, to think about it, are those supplements working magic? Do they even exist? Is there something called the magic pill or the quick fix to shedding weight loss?

Per research, the answer is sadly a no. There are many things that factor weight loss and aid the weight loss supplements to like:

  1.  REDUCTION OF APPETITE: it helps you feel fuller and thus making you eat less which indirectly helps you reduce weight.
  2. REDUCE ABSORPTION: it also helps in absorbing lesser fats which indirectly makes you have lesser calories.
  3. IMPROVES METABOLISM: it increases your metabolism in your body and thus helps you reduce weight.


Here are a few examples which could give you the clarity that you are looking for while considering weight loss supplements.


Hoodia as well-known as it is for aiding in weight loss is just very unclear yet per scientists. It was popular for dessert travelers who traveled at night to suppress their hunger as it is said to make the consumer less hungry. That animals that have hoodia in their system are less likely to feel hungry often. But this supplement is only tested on animals and the tests on how it reacts with the human body and its side effects are still very dark.


The most common supplement is the drug that is given even over the counter. Alli. Although there is a myth that goes around while taking any supplement that all you need to do is pop a pill and your job is done even if you eat a few extra calories. Well to burst the bubble that is not acceptable. Alli is only a pill that prevents your body from absorbing any extra that you would have eaten after the prescribed 15grams per every meal.  And thus, with every supplement the most important factor is a balanced, low-calorie diet and rigorous exercise.

Green tea:

And now the one supplement which is almost on the shelf of every household. Green tea. This one is believed to help shed a few pounds which are mainly because of the caffeine content present in the supplement. There is also a supplement called EGCG which is responsible for a toned body if you decide to move more. Anyone that is sensitive to caffeine should completely stay of this green tea supplement. As all it will do is have negative effects on your body such as heart burns and disturbed sleep.

Hydroxy cut:

The hydroxy cut is one other supplement which have been in stores for a decade. It is one of the most common supplements which is the first choice of a lot of people who opt for weight loss. It contains large amounts of caffeine and plant extracts which help aid weight loss. Studies have shown that it reduced about 9kgs in 3 months. Although everything is not rainbows and butterflies when it comes to weight loss pills. If for someone who is caffeine sensitive it may cause jitteriness, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, irritability.

Raspberry ketones:

Raspberry ketones are another supplement which is common in the market. This one is mostly common for a distinct smell. Raspberry keytones increases the breakdown of fats in the body and increases the hormonal level of adiponectin which is to help with weight loss. There is no study that on humans who can prove this but a study on rats has weight loss drastically. The side effect of this one is that one may burp which smells like raspberries.


Forskolin is extract from the mint family. It claims to be very affective in aiding weight loss. It raises the levels of a compound called c AMP which helps reduce weight loss. Upon research on 30 men, it showed that this has helped weight loss in men. But when a study on overweight women showed that there was no difference in women who took this pill.

To sum it up it is best to take weight loss supplements which have green tea extract and caffeine only. Any other supplement other than this has still not proven to be completely safe.

Most people while opting for supplements choose to go to a store and pick up what is on display, if since it sells legally it must have safe to take by just reading the description about the supplement on its cover. This by far is a fatal idea anyone can come up with. As most supplements that people sell on a shelf industry do not teste them or certify them as safe for your body. Thus, it becomes extremely important to consult a professional before taking one, would be to exercise and avoid binging.