Football Managers Who Have Created Winning Teams


We have been witnessing that the Champions League has been dominated over the years by the elite clubs and a similar culture is followed in the coaching landscape where a revered few are paid heavily with guaranteed trophies. The perfect example of this glitz and extravagance is the Premier league.

This year all the attention is on Manchester United and Manchester city although they finished on the 4th and 5th position last season. The reason for the exaggerated popularity this year is not the team but their managers. Manchester city will have Pep Guardiola and Manchester United will be led by Jose Mourinho who have both been signed to a big 3-year contract by the teams. The rivalry between this two teams is known to everyone but sadly by the end of the season one of the two teams will have to be disappointed or for all you know, both these teams will not hold the no1 spot if their past record is to be taken into consideration despite having the best managers.



On number 10 we have a Spanish league coach Emery. He is the coach for Sevilla and has helped the team with three consecutive Europe League wins which are a commendable achievement. He has the knack of making his players better and some of them under his leadership have gone up to do great things and to name a few we have David Silva, Ivan Rakitic, Juan Mata etc. Sevilla’s success credit also goes to their sporting director to some extent who is Monchi but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Unai Emery is the sole cause for their uphill record. It could also be expected of Emery to get lured in the English leagues sooner than later. Until then he continues to master the Europa League.



This spot is taken by Mr. Tuchel who is a German retired football and currently the coach for Borussia Dortmund. He was earlier the coach for VfB Stuttgart and then Mainz. Under the leadership for Thomas Dortmund defeated Manchester United 4-1 in the 2016 International Champions Club in a friendly match. Though they lost to penalties against the same team they finished on the top of the china table. They still didn’t win the cup due to some other matches being canceled. He got HenrikhMkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to play their best this season although their place in world football remains doubted. Tuchel is an inspiration that will be the cause for Dortmund’s revival.



This guy is an argentine retired center back who now is leading Tottenham. This man is famous for his integrity and sheer will make any team he coaches excel which is quite evident with any team he has led from Southampton to Spurs to Espanyol, all of them have shown his presence in their game. He is not about big money or popularity, all he is after is promoting young players and gets their undying loyalty who give into his methods as he has the clarity and the vision to improve his teams game.



All his life he has played for Italian football teams and started off coaching smaller teams but as soon as he was signed for Juventus he won them the domestic double in the debut season and did the same next year. He was banned for match fixing in 2001 with 6 other football players. Allegri made his name for his tactile intelligence and his ability to make Juventus slightly less aggressive and made them more focused and patient and taught them the technique to keep the ball in possession more often and gaining the territorial advantage. Well to sum it up, Max redeemed the pride of Juventus with trophies.



Earlier coaching Real Madrid and now Barcelona he has shown his brilliance with both these sides shining in individual and team wise success. After retiring from football, he lived for a while in Australia to learn surfing. He has also won two leagues and two cup doubles along with a champions league title for Barcelona which goes to say is commendable. A slight tiff with Lionel Messi almost lost him his job. Enrique has changed the style of Barcelona football to a more direct one. The kind of switches he brings about in the game have really worked for Barcelona.



Another Italian who is a manager who has pleasant record of winning big trophies with big clubs. All he believes in is effective management and also giving the individual players to express themselves and be themselves in the game. Big names like Cristiano Ronaldo have flourished under him and his abilities have gotten him coaching teams like Chelsea, Real Madrid, and PSG. This summer he has on his sleeve Bayern Munich. After Pep Guardiola Munich signed Ancelotti. This is the only man to have won UEFA champions league 3 times and reached the finals 4 times. He is also the only manager to have won the FIFA world cup for the clubs and is regarded as one of the best managers in the history of football.



This man is a Portuguese football manager and a former football player. Well, it’s debatable if his famed powers are all in vain now or his siege mentality doesn’t work anymore with a failed last season he has had with Chelsea. Whatever be the case he is undoubtedly the most intriguing and a box office hit among the players and the fans. He is regarded by most players, commentators as the most successful manager in the world. In 2015 he was named as the best Portuguese football manager of the century by the Portuguese football association. He has an immense tactile knowledge and his personality although charismatic but controversial as most players and managers think that he focuses more on getting results rather than playing beautiful football has gotten him a slight bad publicity.



Klopp is a German football player and a manager who is also currently leading Liverpool.  He has had the longest managerial career with Mainz from 2001-2008 after which he coached Borussia Dortmund from 2008-2015 and now coaches Liverpool. As soon as he got Liverpool he took just about 7 months to revitalize the team. And beat Dortmund in the Europa League final. His personality is one infectious one and his strength is his high tempo pressing game which has thrilled Liverpool fans and they are hoping some big names to join Liverpool this summer. A title win for Liverpool might be too early to ask for but their name in the top 4 doesn’t look far with Klopp leading them. To say it all he has restored the fans within Liverpool.



A Spanish football player is now the manager for Manchester City. He was famous as one of the best players of his time. He was a skilled midfielder who was creative and technically gifted. As a manager, he has 14 trophies for his teams in only the first 4 years of his managerial career. He is famous to be highly creative, hardworking and also someone with great tactile strength. And an ability to read the game and turn it around with his suggestions. He is highly respected for his vision, his close control, and also passing range. Having stood as the captain for both Barcelona and Spanish national side, his leadership skills are also very polished. And thus he makes it number 2 on out spot of the best managers in the world.



On the number 1 spot as the best manager for football in the world is Simeone who leads Atletico Madrid. They are said to be a perfect match. This Argentine captained this side in 1996 and led them to cup doubles. And returned to coach them 16yrs later when the team was more worried about demotion other than anything else. He also completely changed that for the team. And turned them around to a winning side with the motto “warrior spirit” which has been his style for donkey’s years. He has won the La Liga, Copa Del Rey. Also two champions league title for the team in the last three years. The only question which haunts is will his methods work elsewhere as well as they work with Atletico Madrid?