IPL 10: Mumbai Indians Have Not Just Won The Season But They Have Also Provided Life Lessons To Learn

This year IPL, Indian premier league started with lots of expectation along with some worn out hopes. The 10th edition concluded with MI (Mumbai Indians) registering a win in a tight match over RPS (Rising Pune Supergiant) with a mere margin of 1 run. Here is what we learnt and according to us even our country’s politician can learn;

Never Underestimate the Opposition

This is the first lesson which we should learn from the recently concluded match. Even in the weirdest thought no one had ever nominated MI as the winners, rather they were considered the least promising winners as most of the people had bet on RPS win rather than that of MI because of the inconsistent performance from the top performers and the controversies involved.

Star Players cannot save matches

With likes of MS Dhoni, Ajankya rahane, RPS couldn’t save the crucial match. The victory was clinched from their hands exactly the same manner recently Amrinder Singh clinche the victory from Badal in recently conclude elections in Punjab.

It’s a team effort which matters

No one can win singlehandedly, each one of us needs support from other so that in case one option does not work, then you can switch to plan B anytime and it will work.

No Matter what, a king remains a King even if he is not on the throne

One needs to always remember , that a king is always king even if he is not on the throne, This fits completely to Sachin who had taken retirement way back but still a maestro and performed from the backend this time. This was his mentoring only which worked out for the MIs and helped them to clinch the not so sure victory.

Take calculated risk and lead from the front

What separates an awesome pioneer from a decent pioneer is the capacity to lead from the front and the fearlessness to go for broke. While MI were battling in the underlying phases of the IPL, skipper Rohit Sharma didn’t timid far from attempting a few mixes, particularly at the highest point of the request. He likewise elevated himself to bat at number 3. Likewise when the vast majority of us would have discounted veteran bowlers like Lasith Malinga and Harbhajan Singh, Sharma demonstrated confidence in them and they delivered.

Roar with actions and not words

It’s vital to top at the correct time and MI had a skill for hauling out triumphs in the later phases of recreations. The group had an awful begin to the competition losing four matches this year and five in a year ago’s competition. Yet, appreciation by coaches and the privilege strategic changes without a doubt get this show on the road and change over their misfortunes into wins.

Don’t Give up

MI dependably had the ‘never-surrender’ disposition. The players did not get influence by introductory misfortunes and learnt from their slip-ups. They comprehended that the competition is not around one diversion but rather a progression of matches. The group begun to handle the issues one by one and in the process developed a triumphant force as the competition advanced. In the end they conquered every one of the difficulties and won the class.

We have to make sure that we learn these lessons and remember that we cannot underestimate anyone’s power. And should prepare to take up even the weakest competitor with full preparation. Else the result will the same as it happen in IPL, a underdog will register a win and clinch the benefits under your nose.