Is Your Best Friend In Love with You?

Best Friend in Love

We are surrounded by so much drama in our lives. Bollywood films, juicy soap operas, reality shows… That we sometimes miss that very drama when it is staring at us right in the face. So many movies about it, so many books written. And I suppose, the life story of most guys and girls going to college. Do you know what are we talking about? Understanding signals that you’re the best friend is in love with you. You might think this issue is so overdone all over the years. But yet. We fail to miss the subtle signs and nuances because we are so busy living in the normality of that particular situation.

Body language:

Body language of your friend is the first sign
The language of body

The most common sign to watch out for would be your friend’s body language. Your best friend may never utter a word of his/her attraction to you. But as they say, actions speak louder than words. Unwarranted physical contact like holding your hand too long, looking for excuses to touch, frequency of wrapping arms around the waist or shoulder, maybe leaning in a little too close to talk are all signs of attraction. Then again a person might just be an extrovert and the physical proximity might just be second nature. Notice signs of nerves. Blushing, awkwardness, talking too fast, a little breathlessness.

Eye Contact:

Have You try to notice this?
Eye contact

Another giveaway sign to look out for is eye contact. Intense stares for a prolonged amount of time. Do you get that weird sensation when you know someone looks at you for far too long? Or it’s possible that sometimes the person may give furtive glances or surreptitiously try to stare from below the eyelashes so as you may not catch.


He/She would not like you to talk with any other boy/girl

Be on the look out for the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head. Yes, jealousy is what I’m talking about. Your best friend won’t like you getting close to anyone else, be it romantic or platonic. That feeling that he/she might have to share you, won’t be very well accepted.

Praising without reason!

We all love this!

Constant compliments and praises will be forthcoming. Ever heard of the term “OTT” (over the top)? Things that might be quite mundane or mediocre to others will also catch their fancy and they won’t leave a chance to let you know they notice and appreciate it in the form of praises and appreciation.

Wondering How To Make Your Partner Feel Special?

I am available!

Hey, I am here

They’ll also be available to you always. They’ll go a notch up and make room for you, shuffling things around and always giving you priority.


Silent But very deep!

If by any chance you don’t reciprocate your best friend’s feelings, handle the situation sensitively. Be patient, try to talk it out. Don’t let your friend feel that the friendship will be lost under any circumstance. Don’t give out mixed signals if you aren’t sure of your own feelings. It may lead the other person on and might keep them waiting for something that’s not going to happen.

No one likes being hurt especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Oh but if you do, take a chance on love. If your friendship was strong to begin with, it will withstand it all. The laughter, tears, fights and maybe even a happily-ever-after!