Islands You must visit in India

With the hustle bustle of the city all around the year, the best place to find some seclude, some serenity and calmness would be nothing other than an island. And what better if these islands are on the edge. What better if these islands are some of the most unexplored islands around you. With Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean surrounding India, it is blessed and how! There is about 1200 islands that India with holds in her. And if you are wishing for tranquility and peace with the sound of waves hitting the golden sand in those lazy evenings, then here are some of the best-unexplored islands in India.



This is the fishing island. This is the 10 least populated districts in India. The place is at the Kathiawar peninsula in the south of Gujarat. It has the perfect blend of Portuguese and Gujarati culture. Famous for a Portuguese cathedral and an old fortress. Gujarati, Portuguese, English, and Hindi are the languages spoken in this breathtakingly beautiful island. An interesting fact about Diu is that alcohol is legal in Diu unlike in Gujarat. It is very wrongly assumed that Diu and Daman are the same things, which is not the case as they are about 650 km away. For someone looking for enthralling architectural pieces or someone who loves to be in the lap of nature, this seems to be the perfect place.



Welcome to the first island district in the country. This is an island on the Brahmaputra River in Assam. It has a record in the Guinness book of being the largest river island. However, it is sinking by the day due to the growth of the river around it. Originally it was called MAJOLI which means land in between two parallel rivers. This island has 144 villages although modernism is slowly creeping in here. Bird watching, sunsets, pottery making, mask making, weaving, colorful culture of the tribes there makes this place a part of this list. Seems like a lot of nature is vanishing here and thus it’s better to visit this place before it’s too late.



As the name, it suggests, this island is a little one. Not a much explored one among a large number of tourists who visit Andaman every year. This little island is only at 120kms from Port Blair. It is one of those off beat places with nature at its best giving the tourists the luxury of coral reefs, marine tortoises, hut bays, waterfalls and thus making it a perfect honeymoon destination for couples. Here one can indulge in adventure sports like surfing, underwater diving, snorkeling and more.



A well-preserved island in goa, which is connected by the silver gate bridge, is this one. Sao Jacinto. Late in the 90’s the locals of this island, feared that this island would also end up being influenced by the outside world and would be commercialized as time went by and thus they decided to never lease the land, which turned out to be a brilliant decision on their part as they have been successful in maintaining the island’s uniqueness. The mesmerizing views of the Indian Ocean and the goa coast make this place totally worth it. The best part is that this island is just 5km from the Panjim beach.



This Island is in the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the most affluent ports in Kakinada. There are many protected species of plants and animals here which the visitors have an excellent view of. A black and white, disused lighthouse stands on Hope Island. A ferry from Kakinada port can take you to hope island and it is as simple as that. It’s not very inhabitable in here, only a few government buildings and some fisherman shacks, but its well worth a visit. Well, it undoubtedly a sight to behold.



This Island is situated on the coast of maple in Udipi, Karnataka. This island is popularly known as the coconut island. It is a combination of four islands. It’s famous for his hexagonal shape. This islands holds within it 26 geological monuments which are a must see. It was formed by the sub-volcanic activities about 88 million years ago. This island has an interesting history, it is said that Vasco Dagama while traveling to Portugal came to this island and put a cross on it, naming it after Mother Mary and that is how this island gets its name.

The western coast of this island is said to be sea shells haven for the sea shells lovers as it has sea shells of all shapes and sizes. This island has no sand beaches or clear waters for a swim as it is covered with basaltic rocks and is always guarded ensuring the safety of the visitors. Anyone who is interested in visiting this island should carry their own drinking water. And wear sunscreen as this island is mostly hot.



This is a very easily accessible place from Mysore via bus or train. It is a river island formed by the Kaveri River in Karnataka. There are three holy shrines for devotees of Vaishnav who are called the Vaishnava’s. This island of Shrirangapatna is the home of one of those shrines which make it a popular destination for the devotees. This island has beautiful temples, Indo-Muslim architectural marvels and some breathtaking views making it one of the most beautiful places in South India. This is the place where Tipu Sultan died and has his tombstone as well marking it an extraordinary place in history as well.



Another well-preserved island in Goa. The Divar Island is 10kms from Panjim. It is accessible through a ferry which takes you uphill from Panjim. This island has four villages which have their culture well kept within themselves, thus giving you an unmatched feel of the place. The name of this island is dipavati which means Small Island and this is how this island derives its name. The famous movie, Dil Chahta hai was shot here and for all you movie buffs this place is a not to miss one. There are quite a few bars and restaurants that his island has a decent night life like Suresh. Step Inn and number 4 to name a few. Urak is the local cuisine that is found in Divar.



This is also known as Bet Shankhodhar. one can reach from Okha, Gujarat through a ferry. Only 3kms from there. It is very popular for dolphin spotting, camping, picnicking, fishing and water sports making it an all in all fun destination for the visitors. This place homes many archeological ruins attaching itself to an ancient history. Earthen ports and artifacts from the Harrapan Culture were found in the remains here. The beautiful beaches and the sunsets make it a lover’s paradise as well. Also, famous for the devotees is the Dwarkadish temple which is one of the main temples for lord Krishna. Another interesting fact about this place is that the first sea bridge in Gujarat. Here between Okha and Bet Dwarka. The southernmost end of this Island is famous as the Dunny point as it is having the sea on 3 sides.



It seems hard to believe that there could be a place to relax and unwind right in the heart of the city. But as hard as it may seem, it is true. Quibble Island is a part of Chennai. It is right in the heart of the city, with only a 40-minute drive from the central station of Chennai is Adyar from where a person can take ferry.

Adyar River forms for river islands and Quibble is the largest among the four. This island though in the middle of the city has neither the haste of life nor the hectic ambiance. In fact, it is a must go to escape the city life, as it must offer the peace that you are looking for. With just a cemetery on the island, this place is not habited and might not have a place to stay in. But is a must visit for all those who are looking for a day trip.