How To Keep Your Body Hydrated In Summers

With summers around the corner it’s time to roll out the welcome mat with good health and energy. Staying hydrated is an important key to good health. Our body needs water to maintain proper functions within our body, like it helps to transport nutrients to cells, build muscles, lubricate joints, maintain body temperature and flush out waste from our body. In summers with increase in temperature our body losses water much faster due to perspiration which could hamper proper functioning of our body. So we need to take an extra step to keep our body hydrated.

Dehydration could lead to fatigue, dizziness, headache, confusion, low urination and in extreme cases low blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

So, this summer beat the heat with these few do’s and don’t in mind:-

Cool Down Mercury Level of body

As you knows human body is made up of 70% water so it plays a vital role in keeping you hydrated. During summers as the mercury level rises the more you sweat the more it will leave you dehydrated.  Water helps to maintain the body temperature to keep you going, so grab a glass of water whenever you feel thirty. Scientists suggest drinking at least 2 to 2.5 liters or 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Sip that right amount of fluids

To cope up with those heat waves it is important to increase the amount of fluid intakes. Fluids could be taken in the form of coconut water, fruit juices, lemonades, and ice tea, herbal drinks like raw mango drinks, buttermilk and smoothies. These fluids will not just help you to quench thirst but are also loaded with vitamin, minerals and electrolytes which would replenish lost energy. They would keep your body hydrated and increase your energy levels.

Take a Step to tasty fruits

Fruits with high water content are a great source to load your tummies this summer. Having fruits like watermelon, melon, pineapple, orange, grapefruit and sugarcane is a great way to keep your body hydrated and revitalized. So munch a bowl of fruits to keep dehydration away.

Have a day out?

Remember to keep a water bottle in your bag, be it in office, school, gym or any outdoor visit. In summer it is very important to have water on regular intervals whether indoor or outdoor. So don’t wait to sip that glass of water till you feel thirsty again.

Find Salads and soups

Fruits and vegetables in form of salads and soups could serve a purpose of tasty alternatives for summers. Have cucumber, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, raddish and tomatoes in form of salads or soups. Loaded with vitamins and minerals these foods would replenish your lost energy in no time.

A sweet enemy

Sugar-a strict NO NO! Avoid drinks like cold drinks, sodas, caffeinated drinks and energy drinks. They may contain sugar in the form of aspartame or sucralose which are artificial sweeteners that harm your body. Studies have shown that having sugars causes lower immune system and diseases like diabetes, obesity, infertility and even cancer. Try to have herbal drinks and more natural form of sugar like jaggery. Also avoid alcohol as it would just leave your body dehydrated. So a big thumbs down for drinks with high sugar content.

Having right amount of fluids and foods will help to maintain your nutritional and hydration balance right and increasing your energy levels to keep you going .So ensure these easy steps to keep your body well hydrated this summer.