How to keep your self up to date from WannaCry ( Ransomware )

On Friday, the May 12th a historical cyber-attack happened which took the world by surprise. On 12th and the succeeding weekend thousands of computers were attacked by a latest malware called WannaCry. As the name indicates the malware can make you cry for the important data which you have on your PC. Here is all what you should know about the whole incident;

What is WannaCry?

WannaCry, WCry, WannaDecryptOr and WannaCrypt are just the synonyms of the same software which infects your pc and then ask for a ransom in order to get your data files recovered. It is basically a ransom ware which can take control and hold your access to any file on the infected computer unless you pay the amount asked for. There were over 100 countries which suffered heavy data loss due to the latest malicious Programme which took the world by surprise.

How can you protect your PC?

One can protect their PC by installing the security patch offered by Microsoft for Windows 8 and XP version. You can go to the website and directly copy the link and download it from there. Once downloaded you can run it via Control panel and this will help in getting rid of the malicious program. Put your system on Auto update so that whenever a new version is available it can automatically download and protect your system. The said link will trigger the malware completely and will reduce the risk of your system becoming infected. Apart from installing this link make sure to follow the following steps so that things can be kept under control;

Take backup

Ransomeware backup
Ransomeware backup

Make sure to install the best backup software on your PC and keep taking backup by the end of the day daily to protect yourself from sudden data loss.

Don’t open attachment or links in unknown emails. An email is the easiest way to trap a PC. A user will definitely open an email from bank showing money transfer that was the case because of which many systems were trapped in the recent attack.

How to get rid of Ransom ware?

There are patches available on Microsoft sites which can help you get rid of this malicious software. Back up of the data is the key, as the patches of Microsoft may end the active operations of this Ransom ware, but cannot assure you of any advance threat. The best advice is to install patch, clean the system, take backup and set the system for a hard Reset so that you can be assured of no threat in future.

How WannaCry is spreading?

WannaCry had been spread via luring emails and offers which will attract the common man and you can get carried away to follow the said link, without thinking of the consequences you need to face. It is spread by;

  • A facebook request link with a ravishing female account
  • An email boasting of a huge money win
  • A message from the world bank
  • Special invitation to enroll in a Programme at beggarly prices

Don’t get lured in these offers, as in today’s world nothing comes easy, not even success. Make sure to report such emails to spam and in case your PC gets affected, don’t surrender to the criminals as there cannot be any surety of the data being tempered or corrupted. Rather install the Microsoft patch and put it on hard reset. Make sure to take the precaution of taking a backup then repenting on Data Loss.