Men Will Be Men

You know there are many of the times when you get to hear a statement saying “Men will be men”, obviously signifying that men have a lot in common which they are surely believed to come up with at one time or another.

There is a possibility that you must also, once in a while have confronted such situation where as a result of some of your friend’s or maybe your man’s action, the only thing you could have thought of is this only.

And in case you haven’t, well, here is the list of situations which you can next time notice for yourself; no, you don’t need any specific person to test these situations on, as every other boy generally behaves in a very same way.

Did someone say, sports?

Oh girl, you better watch your step here. When it is about discussing for sports or some favorite football or cricket team, you dare not mess with these men. They are like too much obsessive about their favorites in here, they totally are.

New hot chic!

When it is about a new hot girl in school or college or maybe the office, it doesn’t matter that the boy is single or taken; he eventually would find every single detail about her and obviously would love to be that part of a group which discusses her. Okay, girl, listen, this totally doesn’t mean that he is not loyal in the relationship; come on, it’s just an eagerness.

“Technology” is their “Black”

You know how every other girl; well most of them are just too much fond of black color and that is how boys have that feeling for technology. Like seriously, they know that every single detail about that new smartphone or maybe some new game in a market which at some point of time also proves out to be beneficial as you can turn on them when in need of suggestion! Isn’t it?

Don’t mess with his “Ego”, thing!

You are strictly recommended to not do that, like never ever. Ego is a big thing to them and when someone messes with same, well, okay, god is there somewhere to save a person. Just remember that this Ego, it was there, it is there and it is always going to remain there, like forever.

Badass, that’s what he is!

Oh, so you know him as that most romantic and sweetest person in this whole wide world! That’s good, but can you just for once in this life, take a chance to make him behave that same way in front of his friends?  Try it! You are just going to get a failure out of it. Why? Well, there could be no that better answer to this then the fact that they are badass in front of their friends. Oh, they totally are!

Show me your wardrobe?

Okay, now, remember that don’t you ever, like ever, even think of asking a boy this question. Why? You know they have that unique talent to spend whole of the week just wearing one single T-shirt. Yes, seriously! And you know what? Not any of the girl out there can actually figure out about how they just manage to do this.

And this is how these men are, you know! But no matter how weirdest there habits can actually get with time, they are just too much good when it is about being a friend with them. You cannot really have anyone as much good as friend as a boy and you must be knowing that yourself too.