Milk Balanced Food & Nutrition – Busting Myths & Truth

We, humans, are open to the taste of milk balanced food. As an infant and it is one thing kids rely on for wholesome nutrition and energy. Milk is a rich source of calcium and a glass of milk is recommended to increase strength, get ample nutrition and is considered as balanced food. There is no denial that milk constitutes an important element of our diet but it is not always the right balanced form of nutrition. There are a lot of myths as well doing the rounds of our ears, considering which most of us consider it to be a wholesome diet. Here are some truth and myths about milk.

Let us first look at some of the myths and truth related to milk.

Myth 1

– It is true that milk is considered balanced nutrition form but the myth about being very rich calcium source is what we are not aware of. Cow’s milk contains calcium which cannot be absorbed well by the human body. Milk makes your bones stronger is the biggest myth of milk because there are a lot of things we aren’t aware of.


– According to some research it was found that cow’s milk actually deplete the existing calcium in our bones making us more prone to osteoporosis and fractures.

Myth 2

– Milk during cold lead to more mucus formation and thus most of us believe the fact that it should be avoided during cold and cough. It is a very common myth of milk.


– There is no such thing like increase mucus formation when a child or adult consume milk during cold. Intake of milk doesn’t lead to running nose, chest congestion or throat problems.

Myth 3

– There are many people who are intolerant to milk and medically the term is known as lactose intolerance. Most of us think that if one is lactose intolerant they have to avoid everything related to dairy products.


– Being intolerant to milk doesn’t require one to avoid all the dairy products. It is a big myth for milk. Because hard cheese, lactose reduced milk, yogurt etc can still be consumed even if a person is lactose intolerant.

Myth 4

– One of the common myths related to milk is it should not be consumed during fever. Because it has the tendency to curdle up or raise the temperature. Milk is generally avoided during fever, cold etc kind of conditions.


– Milk is absolutely fine to give to your child or adult during fever. Because it takes care of the nutritional requirement which otherwise is not fulfilled due to loss of appetite. It is a rich source of energy and unless someone is not vomiting milk. That is absolutely fine for intake even during fever.

Myth 5

– Milk is only a rich source of calcium but doesn’t have a high amount of other essential nutrition. It is a myth for milk known and most of us consume milk to increase a level of calcium in bones.


– Milk definitely has calcium as its major but apart from that it has much other important nutrition and health benefits. It is a good source of protein, Vitamin D & B12 and helps in tissue repair.

So, here are the myth and truth associated with milk. There is no doubt that milk is a rich source of nutrition and also provides wholesome development. But there are some myths also attached to its goodness. The myths and truth about milk are found out after years of research.