Popular ways of kissing

Kissing your partner or soul mate can be a totally different and good feeling. It generates a feeling of love, togetherness and contentment in both the people. While kissing, the amount of endorphin released is 200 times more powerful than the amount of morphine. This also helps a person to feel a bit more relaxed. Each type of kiss is unique in its own way.

Some popular ways of kissing are:

The French kiss:


French kiss is the most common type of kiss. The movies that have kissing scenes in them also depict the French kiss. It is the most passionate type of kiss. It involves the use of tongue while kissing and this stimulates your partner’s tongue tip and mouth. If not done correctly, this kiss can be a total mess and embarrassment.

The lingerie kiss:


This is the most basic type of kiss that generally lasts for 10 seconds or even longer. It basically involves the closing of mouth or interlocking of mouth without any involvement of tongue. This kiss is a fun way to turn on any person. It often leads to long foreplays.

The kiss on the cheek:


This kiss is a gesture to show affection or care to any closed one. This is considered to be a friendly gesture. The cheek kisses common between friends and family also. However, the French kiss and the lingerie kiss are between lovers only. This kiss is a perfect way to show your affection to anyone. People often kiss little babies on their cheeks.

The peck:


The peck is a short quick and more of a random kiss. This is a tight-lipped kiss but it is delivered on the cheek also. This is also an expression of friendship like the cheek kiss. Lovers also use this way of kissing to tell their partner indirectly about the love and affection they have for them. The initial stages of any relationship involve such kissing and cuddling.

The roundabout kiss:


This way of kissing involves tickling around the outer corners of lips. The outer corner of lips is highly sensitive and prone to cuddling. These are often ignored but try your armor on this move. This move will surely drive your partner crazy but in a positive way. Also, it arouses them and they will crave for more.

The endless smooch:


This type of kiss or smooch is named as endless because it continues for a very long period of time. The two people involved in kissing kiss each other continuously for a long time without leaving each other’s lips until they have to catch their breath again. They breathe while kissing but after a few minutes, it can be choking or suffocating for both or anyone. However, people call it to be a sensual one.

The tickle me kiss:


This kiss is like playing with your lover’s lips and other body parts. There is nothing more sensual than to see your lover crave for more. While kissing, moving your hands over your lover’s body parts like head, back, belly etc. creates a tickling feel in them. Also, kissing on the neck of your over can be quite playful and romantic.

The power kiss:


This kiss does not involve the use of lips at first. Instead, the use of hands is made to cradle and cuddle your lover and to drive him/ her crazy. Afterward, a nice long kiss is imparted on his/ her lips. Sometimes, many short baby kisses are planted on the face and lips. This kiss is one of the most passionate and romantic kisses.