Recycling For 2020 Olympic Medals

Recycling For 2020 Olympic Medals

Olympic Games have always been a matter of discussion for people all around. Especially when the event is around the corner. But this time, the scene here is somehow going to be different from what it used to be. How, you ask? Well, this time the next edition of Olympic Games which are meant to take place in Tokyo in 2020. The organizers are going to come out with some new twist in here. That is going to make people get involved in same from now itself.

Change for Green

According to the latest report, it is been said that the committee of organizers from different nations has this time by following the theme of “Green” in Olympic Games.  Decided that the medals for champions would be made using metals from the smartphones which are no longer of use to their owners. So, basically people are now been called over to donate all of their out-dated electronic devices. No matter whether it be a smartphone or computer or anything else. As everyone knows that each of these devices contain that precious amount of metal. Which can also be considered as that special metal and can be recycled to bring in the making of 2020 Olympic medals.

Benefit of “Recycling” initiative

If you are one of those thinking about, how is this going to be proven as beneficial? This is going to make people aware of the methods which can be helpful in making the environment better. Also this will help in promoting over the need to recycle the products which are no longer in use. At the top of all, the major reason which made organizers go for this initiative; this will make every other citizen from Japan to make a contribution in one of the high profiled games.

Time for Action

It is been said that with the starting of April.There will be many of the boxes installed in different mobile phone stores. And also the public offices there in Japan. So that more and more people can donate all of their discarded mobile phones. And thus make over the contribution to collect eight tons of metal in total.