Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is coming Back…The Wait Will over soon for unlimited laughter…

While taking a look to many of those TV Sitcoms which are now, only a part of nostalgia, there are also some of them that we would love to see, making a comeback such as Office-office, Shararat, Sarabhai VS Sarabhai and many more which made our childhood just too much awesome. Oh, did I just skip it?

You know, one of your favourite sitcom series is making a comeback, you know that, right? Yes, it’s finally happening, the most popular Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai at last decided to fulfil our wishes of having them back on those screens.

And obviously, none of us can really be as much happy as hearing over this news! Okay, well, not really, there are many other reasons for bringing our happiness on, but certainly we all too much excit about this comeback. Aren’t we!?

Now, as this is that perfect time to be little nostalgic, so can we take a short review back to our favourite show and its characters!? Let’s bring this over!

So, here it is the show which actually takes a spin around an upper-class family, which is basically Gujarati but stays at some luxury apartment in the area of South Mumbai, which is by the way regarded as that richest urban sector in whole of the India, making the concept much clearer.

This show actually featured five of the best actors from Bollywood, well obviously they can be considered as the best ones, as this popularity of show could not be really possible if they never acted in the serial. So, let’s take a quick review over each of these actors character in the serial, which we did and will always adore a lot.

Satish Shah as Indravadan Sarabhai

First comes first and here he is, the very chubby character, whom we also know by the name of Indu in show is actually a very rich, ex-director of some multi-national company who never misses a chance to entertain us by constantly poking his wife and his younger son, named as Rosesh. Moreover, the show portrayed him as one of the best father-in-law who would every time favour his daughter-in-law, monisha whenever there is some conflict rising between her and Indu’s Wife. One should actually take an inspiration from this person on how to stay kid at heart while even being too much done with life.

Ratna Pathak Shah as Maya Sarabhai

Here she comes, the other main character, wife of Indravadan Sarabhai, who is actually always looking up for the best, no matter whether the search is been carried out for her or her family. She is at most of the time seen, pampering her younger son, rosesh and also finding mistakes and correcting people who behave in some indifferent way and that next person at maximum would be her daughter-in-law, monisha.

Sumeet Raghavan as Saahil Sarabhai

Well, this person here can also consider as that typical man who is entangle between his wife and his mother, and is always just trying to make things end at good note. An elder son of Maya and Indravadan, who is a cosmetic surgeon by profession is actually the most humble and wisest person in the show who never really want to do something that can end up hurting anyone. Though, when it is about Rosesh, he is no less than his father in teasing him.

Rupali Ganguly as Monisha Sarabhai

Would it be okay, if I present this character here as the most idiotic, messy and careless one in whole of the family of sarabhais?  You know she is the same, right? She, the daughter-in-law of Sarabhai’s actually belong to the middle class family who never miss a chance of making her mother-in-law get annoy due to her obviously annoying habits, though she doesn’t really her mother-in-law for making her feel small out of all.

Rajesh Kumar as Rosesh Sarabhai

Now, here comes the “Momma’s boy”, the second son of Sarabhai’s who is actually, as already mention above the central core of getting tease by both his father and his elder brother. He is actually an artist in theatre who aspires to become an actor and also a poet, though his poems are never really that much good to make a notice on.

I am sure, this must have somehow bring you over those best days of life back resulting into the hangover of nostalgia. Well, looking over the comeback it is also say that this time the series is actually going to web base, yea, correct like many other. And you know what is more in the packet? Shooting for the series is starting over in April and most probably we would have those in hands by the mid of May. Excited? Me too!