Sexiest Bollywood Actors: Let’s say NO to shave!

It’s November again and a good time for men to show their facial hair in style. It is the only month in which men get a chance to put away their razors and grow their beard. No shave November also known as November is celebrated to raise awareness about cancer and how patients have to lose their hair during this process. All people love unshaved men especially when it come to our celebrities. So here is the list of hot actors who follow No shave pattern.

1. Akshay Kumar:


He’s the man who has attempted each Stache there is to attempt, he has brandished the Handlebar, the Horseshoe, and the Chevron before he graduated to a full blown beard.

2. Ranbir Kapoor:


Ranbir Kapoor has begun his career as a young romance with the facial hair during ‘Rockstar’ has now sprouted into an out and out the romance in ‘Tamasha’ and now ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. He conveys the look with panache and deserves big thumps from the people.

3. Ranveer Singh:


He is the everlasting Moustache Maestro. He sported one in ‘Gunday’, ‘Raam Leela’, and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and will have one for ‘Padmavati. Regardless of what size and style, his Stache has dependably overflowed raw sex appeal.

4. Shahid Kapoor:


Sasha had been rocking the Chevron Moustache for his character in the motion picture “Rangoon” and we should state, he nailed it to flawlessness. Indeed, even subsequent to having wrapped the film’s shoot, he keeps on bunking the trimmer.

5. Shah Rukh Khan:


A vigorous Horseshoe Mustache shaded aviators and a black leather jacket, Shah Rukh Khan vintage look for ‘Raees’ is hotness embodied. His relationship with Stubble is a constant one that has also stood with the time.

6. Ryan Gosling:


Ryan Gosling occupies the first position on Hollywood hot Stache Meter. He is a relatively new dad to a daughter with partner Eve Mendes. His appearance in the upcoming Movie LA LA Land has already exploded the hearts of many people. Many people think that window to his soul is through is his beard.

7. Arjun Kapoor:


Arjun Kapoor always spotted in beard in all his movies whether it is an action movie ‘Gunday’ or a romantic film ‘2 states’. In Romantic Drama ‘Ki and Ka’ he was looking quite handsome and has exploded the hearts of many girls and because of his looks Kareena Kapoor didn’t mind kissing him so many times in the movie. Also in his upcoming movie ‘Farzi’ he will be spotted in his permanent beard.

8. Fawad Khan:


A Pakistani actor had made his debut with ‘Khoobsurat’ has stolen the hearts of many girls and women with his stunning looks, eyes and with the hot beard looks.

9. Saif Ali Khan:


He is the Nawab of Pataudi. Though he is cherished by many people as the clean shaved guy but has made people fall in love with him in the movie ‘Race’ with his ruthless beard which compliments his personality really well.

10. Emraan Hashmi:


With the facial hair, the on-screen character has gone up in scores, both in his acting abilities and on our hotness meter.

Facial Hair really makes a celebrity look hot and sexy. Teasing looks combined with stubble’s and beard is making people hearts go around. Give the cash you ordinarily spend on shaving and grooming and try to educate people about cancer prevention, spare lives, and help those who are fighting with this disease.