Signs To Know He Is Not Interested In You

Break-up hurts but what shatters more is being in a relationship with someone who is not into you anymore. Have you ever felt being in a one-sided relationship, it feels incomplete and heartbroken? Or have you ever felt a guy is good to you only during love making sessions and tables turn, he become disinterested? There are times when a guy talks nice, hangs around with you and before you realize, you are friend-zoned. Like a guy, check for the signs and know if he is not interested in you. If not, life is full of opportunity and don’t eat ice-creams alone on Saturday nights, move.

You call or message him always

Woman always makes call
He is not interested in you

If a guy likes you and wish to spend time with you, he is bound to call you but if he doesn’t, he is not into you. There will be times when you call or message first but if that happens all the time, you are up for no good. If he doesn’t initiate, he definitely is not interested in you.

Doesn’t have time for you

He is not having time for you

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee women. If he continuously ends up making excuses of not meeting you. If he is interested in you, he will also manage time and make sure to meet you, even for few minutes. A guy if in love with you will always also look forward to the next date or find ways to meet you.

Talks about other women

He is cheating on you
not loyal with you

It is a major sign of he is not interested in you. Because no man will keep babbling about other women if he likes you. If he seriously is interested in you, he will never take advice from you on how to impress a girl. If a man talks about other women all the women, it is time to see the red flag.

He don’t talk about future

no future of relationship
unhappy young couple in bedroom

If your guy doesn’t want to give you commit or change the topic as soon as you start discussing future, it is time you give up on the relationship. Some men will always see you as muse and never really commit to marriage. If he runs away from marriage, doesn’t speak about prospective future. And so doesn’t care for your feeling, he definitely is not into you.

He only care about himself

he only care about him
He don’t have time for you

If a guy only cares about himself, meets you according to his convenience. And also doesn’t even care to cheer you up, he is not interested in you. If he likes you, he would want to know you more but without listening to what you say, he will never understand you. If he has feelings for you, he is bound to care for you.

He doesn’t want his friends to meet you

He is not interested in you
doesn’t want you to meet his friends

There are times when guys are protective and don’t introduce their guy to his male friends. But, the same is not always the case. There are times when a guy will not introduce you to his friends because he is clearly not interested in you. If a guy likes you, he will plan out night-outs, parties or get-togethers with you and his friends together.