Super Foods For Naturally Healthy Hair

Healthy foods can give you healthy hair

Healthy hair is everyone’s everyday wish. Be a young vigilant woman, an old man, middle-aged corporate going man or any child. Although wishing is different from having. A lot of us or it would be right to say that most of us have issues related to hair, from hair thinning to hair fall or graying of hair etc. These are less to do with our genetics as it is assumed and more to do with pollution, food habits, water, and air. The outer shine and health of hair depend on the inner health of the body and the food we intake is one of the key reasons for our inner health. The mane that you have dreamt of can be fulfilled with the right diet. A diet that gives you strong, thick and shiny hair that you wish for every day.

The hair cells in every strand of hair require you to oil it every day just like a machine for its smooth running, but in literal terms hair also needs its daily supply of nutrients.

Everyone talks about how much protein, vitamins, omega 3 etc you should eat every day, but what is more important to know is that what foods will give you the exact nutrients you need for your hair. Therefore fill yourself up with these natural foods and all your hair dreams can turn to reality.


Walnuts, almonds, and cashews will give your hair nutrients like omega 3, zinc and vitamin E. A balanced and sort out a proportion of these nuts will give your hair the faster growth that it needs and will make the functioning of your metabolism better which in turn will help in the quality of your hair. In addition these nuts help to generate energy which is then supplied to your healthy hair for its nourishment.


Whole grains are the best source for your healthy hair that provides vitamin B, zinc, and vitamin E. It is essential to include whole grains in your day to day meal. Therefore foods like wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, cereals are the best source of whole grains to consume.


As you are aware green and leafy vegetables are the best source of natural diet for your body but they indeed are a blessing to your healthy hair. Being naturally available and in abundance,so it makes it easier for you to consume. Green vegetables are rich in proteins, minerals, and iron which is the main food for hair to grow and stay healthy. Foods like cauliflower, cabbage, bottle guard, fenugreek leaves, beetroot, mint, spinach, and broccoli are also rich in iron and protein.


Foods rich in vitamin A are one of the main sources of protein for hair. Food like sweet potatoes, broccoli, apricots are the ones which contain Beta-carotene therefore Vitamin A is essential for your everyday diet.

Here are some DON’T’S for healthy hair

  1. An unhealthy eating lifestyle, excessive junk munching is the increasing cause for hair fall and baldness in today’s generation.
  2. Stress, fatigue, insomnia, irregular sleep patterns, hair abuse, chemical treatments, excessive hair coloring are some other reasons for hair fall which need to be avoided.
  3. Sugar is highly an acidic substance and excess sugar in the body destroys vitamin B So devoid hair of all its required nutrients, foods like soft drinks, alcohol caffeine, over cooked junk are the culprits.

Also, following the below diet plan can be the first step to lustrous hair


Soy milk

Oats/poha/cereals/bowl of fresh fruits/sprouts

Whole wheat or multigrain bread.


Fresh vegetable juice like cucumber/carrot or tomato

Handful of protein like walnuts, almonds, apricots


Fresh soup


Bowl of green vegetables

Brown rice


Bajra/jowar chapatti


Skim milk

Fresh veggies/bowl of fruits



Salad with sprouts


Fresh vegetables


Finally, above foods are a must in your meals for Rapunzel-like hair. Other than these are some more natural foods which when consumed help your hair in different ways. Cantaloupe, blueberry, salmon and eggs, dairy products and citrus fruits have components like vitamin B 12, Magnesium, vitamin C, selenium and powerful antioxidants most of them will help you maintain strong, healthy and shiny hair.