Are You Taking Proper Breakfast?

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What should you eat?

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so often we’ve heard the bromide. But is having food solely enough? Ever given a thought if you’re eating the RIGHT breakfast? It could be so many things. Milk, fruits, varieties of cereals and yogurts, eggs, pancakes. The list could go on and on. But are these foods providing the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats to your body? Or has it simply become a chore, a tick mark on the list of things “to-do”?

Why Morning food is important?

what should you eat?
How your body would look!

Good food habit has long-term health benefits. It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes. People who eat breakfast are more likely to have better diets overall because they consume more fruits, vegetables, milk and whole grains compared to people who don’t eat breakfast. Also because the time between dinner at night and the next morning’s meal is the longest you are without food, breakfast has an effect on you that’s different from any other meal you eat throughout the day.

Eating within 2 hours of waking up can make a difference in the way you metabolize glucose or blood sugar all day. After a healthy breakfast, your blood sugar increases a bit but it takes a while for the body to absorb it. If you don’t bother with breakfast, though, the long time span between meals will give a hike to the “hunger hormones”. As a result, you will over eat at your next meal leading to highs and lows in the glucose content.

Advantages of having proper breakfast:

stay health stay fit
breakfast must be properly balanced

Imagine you are in a car. After a long night of sleeping, your fuel tank is empty. morning food is the fuel that keeps you going so you can hit the road. What you eat is important of course! If your idea of breakfast is a doughnut or a muffin and a glass of sugary juice, you’re setting the stage for a metabolic havoc.

Fortunately, these can be flavorful as well as healthy. There are plenty of traditional foods that taste great and are good for you. A proper food should include nutrients from the 3 or 4 food groups. In case you don’t have time for morning food, keep convenient foods on hand such as yogurt, fruit, cheese, instant oatmeal, whole grain bread, etc. Or how awesome does a smoothie sound? Bananas, strawberries, honey, some milk and you’re good to go! And so many varieties to choose from! Carry these in your car, if you’re walking, anything at all.

Food is especially important for kids too. It improves academic performance and diet, optimal development and growth, positive effects on alertness, attention span, etc. A survey said that four out of five children do not get enough vitamins and minerals from both lunch and dinner alone. Also, children who don’t eat a proper diet end to eat more junk food during the day- snacks that are high in sugar and fat and low in nutritional value. Of course, children learn most often by example, so it’s important for parents to set a good one and have a nutritious breakfast each day too.

Lastly, as they say,

Eat breakfast like a king,

Lunch like a prince

And dinner like a pauper.