The Most Popular Goa Shacks That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Goa Shacks

Goa, the party capital of the country. While goa is always a partying day in and day out there are a few places which have made, their presence felt among people who like a silent party sometimes. There are quite a few Goa shacks that would put to shame other shacks from around the world. From loud ones to mesmerizing ones to cozy ones, these shacks have given people a broader perspective to party in goa. And when you are among some of the most beautiful sunsets, some excellent beaches, and great music, do not forget to check these shacks out. You’ll definitely thank us.

La plage, Ashwem beach:

Want to end your day watching the beautiful sunset along the horizon? Want some good food with a European feel? this is the place to be. La Plage is one shack which has its long-lasting effect on people. Just go to Ashwem beach and you’ll see heads of people walking in one direction and that is the direction towards La Plage. And it’s so good that it has topped our list of the top 10 Goa Shacks. Not worth missing therefore.

Thalassa, Vagator:

Want a feel of Greece in goa? Want to surprise your special someone in a special place? Take them simply to Vagator. This shack is situated on a cliff and is the most beautifully peaceful place you’ll find in goa. It’s perfect for the honeymooners with its cozy and quiet vibe. A must try for all those in love and for all those wanting to fall in love.

Souza Lobo, Calangute:

Mostly famous for its Goan food, this Goa shack serves the best you’ll ever have tasted. It serves the best kingfish and the most delicious crabs in the entire of Goa. It also is a great place to be after a swim in the waters of goa and one place to unwind and relax in the evening with some soothing music. For all those who are searching for some authentic Goan food, rush now.

Brittos, Baga:

The most famous brittos makes it to number 4 on this list. Anyone and everyone who visits goa inevitably go to Baga. The famous water sports of Baga be it paragliding or banana boat leaves you completely tired and exhausted. And thus, Brittos is your perfect refresher place. A chilled beer or some fancy cocktail that brittos is famous for will sooth your pumped-up adrenaline. It’s a must go for all you beer lovers out there.

Sublime, Arambol:

Don’t expect to get a table in this place as soon as you go. Well, it is worth all the wait, though, especially for all you meat lovers. It’s the steak lover’s paradise if I may say so. Once you get a table and view the mesmerizing sunset here, you wouldn’t want to get up and leave. The colorful and energetic vibe of this place will be a mood up lifter as well.

Villa Blanche, Assagoan:

One of the few shacks in goa that will transport you to a different time zone. Villa Blanche will take you on a trip to Europe and a bit of middle east with their exquisite menu. This is a beautiful place that is famous for their breakfast and brunches and should definitely be on your shack list in goa. The secret to their wondrous buffets is the fact that they export their ingredients from Europe and middle east itself.

Shiva valley, Anjuna:

This is a temple for all the psychedelic music lovers. For all those who fancy the loud bass thumping music and neon lights, this is the place to be in goa. People stay on till sunrise as they party and rave in this shiva valley as according to them it transports them to another world of fun and frolic.

Curlies, Anjuna:

Another one on Anjuna. This one is probably famous than the previous one. While just strolling around at Anjuna one should check out curlies which is very famous among the foreign crowd as well for its delicious menu and very famous king prawns. It’s one of the best-looking shacks in Goa which give you a delightful view of the Arabian sea and the sunset will definitely leave you all dazed and happy only to imprint this memory forever.

Calamari beach shack, Candolim:

Their tag line Bathe and Binge is exactly what they are famous for. After a dip in the sea, this is the favorite to go place for all those who want to hog. Their sumptuous portions and a delicious menu offering mouthwatering food will want you to keep staying and eating a tad bit longer. For most of all who just want some music along with a lot of food, Calamari beach shack is waiting for you.

Baxters beach shack, Ashwem:

This is a huge one. Built on 3 acres of land this place is just too beautiful to be described in words. Even though it’s this huge, the possibility of not finding a table immediately is really high as this is one of the favorites of anyone who goes to goa. Another reason people are dying to go here is the fact that there are small stalls which sell art and craft items which are worth a look. So go enjoy the food, the music, the ambiance, the sunset and the sand at Baxters.