The Real Story Behind The End Of Relationship

The cases of divorce had really increased in the last decades. Blame it on the generation or the attitude, the reality is that our country is adopting the US culture. Where to get the family celebrates days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.  Nowadays the culture has changed girls demand independence, where guys freedom. Let’s find out the root of the end of this relationship called Marriage;-

No one is dependent

In the case of Hrithik Roshan and Susanne Khan, no one was dependent on each other. Suzanne belonged to a Porsche family wherein Hrithik is from the well-known Roshan Family. They were bound together well before Hrithik become famous and their break-up was a shocking news for the film fraternity as well as their families. Dictating your partner’s life is really not cool and this is what happened in their life and today they are separated.

Where girls look for independence, their guys look for Freedom

Famous TV Actress when tied knot with Raja (A shopkeeper) in Muzaffarnagar, the scenario was not this weird. But once she joined the TV Fraternity, the problems were a daily scene. Where Shweta was used to look for independence to work, where Raja wanted freedom and enjoyment. The relation ended up on a real sad note with domestic violence issues being reported. Raja became a sorry figure in public for ill-treating his wife.

No interference acceptance

As earlier discussed, today no interference is accepted by neither of the partners. Let it be anyone, The girl and guy are equally important in the marriage institution. No one is less, and No one deserves an extra favor. So either of the partners is not ready to accept any interference either from the family or from the partner’s friends.

Sharing is in, While Arrogance goes for a toss

In today’s era when both of the partners are engaged in some kind of work, then it becomes very important to share the load. Keeping the Male Ego of being a king, is not in, and people are not ready to accept it. When Karishma Kapoor was asked to leave her career as an actress. She readily accepted it while in just some years she landed up in a divorce with her Delhi-based businessman husband Sanjay Kapur. Reason being the changes were demanded only from one hand while the other remained unaffected.

Interference from Family members

That, in fact, is the most common reason behind a divorce. People want to put their choices on the new member of the family. Sometimes unwillingly the scenario becomes real bad, and a happy looking marriage comes to an end as in the case of Malaika Arora khan and Arbaz khan. Where Malaika filed a divorce after being in a relationship for good 20 years. The reason she gave was indirectly pointing out constant interference from her brother in law in their marriage.

Whatever may be the reason stated above, the reality is a break up ends on Sad Note. Even if you were tortured and had many problems in your last relation. still the pain will poke you always whenever u see a happy family along. Working on the problem is the key, Work it out as the end of the relationship will break your trust and inner willingness.