Things You Should Know To Keep Spark Alive In Relation

To Keep Spark Alive In Relation You Should Know How, When and Where You can Turn The Moment!

We live in a society where some issues are still considered forbidden or taboo. Especially anything that might be remotely sexual. Oh but everyone loves to talk about it and enjoy it. In private, behind closed doors, over chat conversations. But the moment a sexual discussion is out in the open, the sly glances, lack of eye contact, the elbow pokes and the Oh My God’s begin! Why? Sex is considered to be one of the most natural needs in the world, just like hunger and thirst and almost all of us indulge in it.

There are 10 billion marriages that take place in India every year. One-third of them end up in divorces. There may be so many reasons for a split. Falling out of love, adultery, a difference of opinions, the list is endless. Also true is the fact that one major reason behind divorces is sexual incompatibility or dissatisfaction. But people shy away from honestly discussing the problem and working out a solution to save their marriage. Little initiatives were taken help to spice up the sex life between two people who’ve been married for long or maybe find that things have become routine and monotonous. Some tips that may help to keep spark alive in relation:

Plan sex dates

This may not sound spontaneous, but it will give both people something to look forward to. Make it even more stimulating by sending flirtatious messages to one another throughout the day to build the anticipation.

Resist temptation

This one is for all the ladies. Bring out the sexy lingerie hidden in your closet. Go bold or subtle according to the mood you want. What guy can resist temptation dressed sexily?

Role-play and games

You probably know your partner well therefore their fantasies turn-ons and turn off’s. Play it up.. (If you have something particular in mind, lots of options available online too). Plan a few sex games together, maybe like strip poker. We are in the 21st-century people, Google will give plenty more suggestions.

Erotica together

There is a reason why Mills & Boon and Playboy were favorites when puberty hit! Pick out a rainy evening, have some wine chilling and bring out the sensuality. If not books and magazines, does erotica get better than movies like 50 shades of gray and Basic Instinct?

Not just for eating

Food Like, Ice. Whipped cream. Champagne. Strawberries also Chocolate. Need I say more?


Sometimes a simple conversation about routine things, shared thoughts, exchange of words about something as mundane as how was the day spent, an understanding hug, a relaxing back rub or a soothing head massage after a long day. You never know where things may lead…

Body Odor

Last but definitely not the least, be clean! There is no major turn off than body odor or bad breath when you’re in the mood for intimacy.

Lastly, all said and done… Trust, commitment and also love are the foundations of any good relationship. The nicer you treat each other outside the bedroom, the naughtier it will be inside the bedroom.