Top 10 Destinations For Solo Female Travelers In India

Traveling is an innocuous way to get away with the turbulence of mind, with most of us seeking an offbeat alternative to our regular lifestyle. The trend of backpacking and solo traveling no more is a men’s thing with a lot of solo female travelers hitting the road. For most of the ladies, they are scared to travel solo for obvious reasons – India tagged as unsafe and judgemental for women. But, some, on the other hand, have come out of the cocoon, becoming badass travelers. Do you want to travel but your friends back out? Travel solo, here are the 10 safe spot in India for female travelers.


The last frontier of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a very safe place for solo female travelers. People in the city of Jaisalmer are friendly, safe and respects women making it a hustle bustle center for female travelers from across the world. The glittering sand of deserts, gorgeous roads, rich culture of the place and exceptional hospitality is what makes you fall in love with.


Located in North-eastern state of Meghalaya, the place is an abode of cloud and is one of the wettest places in India. It is a great place for solo female travelers in terms of convenience and safety. The place is dominated by mammoth of waterfalls, caves, countryside road and is a steal for nature lovers. A visit to nearby Nongriat village that homes the infamous Double decker living root bridge is a must.


Located in the Himalayan, it is the Yoga capital of India and famous for its white water river rafting on the mighty Ganges. With religious and spiritual air in the place, it is a great place to explore as a solo female traveler. The place is not only about yoga and rafting but is a total adventure land with treks, fox-flying, bungee jumping. Don’t miss sitting by the banks of Ganga to feel serenity.


It is a picturesque town located in Uttarakhand that has attracted many tourists to its natural beauty. The land of lakes, Nainital is a great place for female solo travelers. The people in Nainital greet you with smiling place, their warm and friendly nature is native to Himalayan Personality.


Located in the North-Eastern India, it is the cleanest state in India inhabited by warm-hearted and cordial people. It is a major tourist destination with idyllic places to visit like Gurudongmar Lake, Yucatan, Gangtok, Zuluk etc and has many points for trekking. It is in fact one of the safest states in India making it favorable for female solo travelers.


The place is enchanting and there is sorcery in every nip of air. Ladakh – The land of Lamas has is located in a beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir and is famous for the sheer spectacle of nature it bestows. It is dominated by Tibetans and is a land of barren mountains, with the highest motorable Khardungla to its side. If you have a decent budget, there is no other place like Ladakh for female solo travelers.


The landscape of Spiti Valley located in Himachal Pradesh is almost similar to Ladakh. The trans-Himalayan terrains of Spiti are also all about getting in the beauty of barren mountains, feeling the fresh air and getting to know the Himalayas better. Also if you are a solo traveler or want to start with, hop on the wagon and start with Spiti.


If you are into a spiritual Rumspringa, Khajuraho is a great place to pack your bags for. The temples of Khajuraho are beautiful with intricate work & Khajuraho recognized as UNESCO Heritage site. It is a great place to explore on your own but just learn to say no, for temples have a lot of fake Godmen.


Recognized as UNESCO heritage site, Hampi is in the state of Karnataka also is a great place for female travelers. It is the ruins of the once blooming and wealthy Vijayanagara kingdom that still screams royalty. It is a great destination for female backpackers with a blend of culture, tradition, and serenity.


It represents the French colonial like era with also neat roads, arched yellow colonial houses with some of the warmest people. Be it french cuisine, wine, shopping or the overall environment, a union territory is a great place for exploring. It is an amazing destination for female backpackers and solo travelers.