Cricket is the second most watched sport after football in the world. And in India, cricket is not just cricket, it is religion. It is the most watched, played and talked about sport. Every lane, every club and every ground in India have people playing cricket. Although media usually has given most importance to the batsmen who have scored runs for the team. But the fun doubles when a fast bowler running at full speed traumatizes the hitter’s wits. Although it seems quite rare a sight to see the batsmen taking the limelight especially now when cricket has been reduced to the T20 format we usually see the batsmen stealing the show. Nonetheless, we have come up with the best fastest bowlers of all time.

It used to be tricky in the earlier times to measure the speed of the bowler but now with the immense advancements in technology it has become a lot easier. There are speed guns which are placed at regular intervals on the ground nowadays which make it much easier and precise to measure the speed of the bowlers. There is an instrument called the “Radar gun” which consists of a transmitter and  also receiver which uses radio waves of the cricket bowl when the ball leaves the hand of the bowler.



He is one of the tallest fast bowler’s cricket has seen. South Africa is proud to have him. He bowls at a speed of 152km/hr. although once a speed of 172km/hr was recorded which was a mistake by the device. Morne is known to be a tear away fast bowler. He records a consistent speed of 145km/hr. The main reason he has fared so well is his ability to hit the deck hard and generate that extra bounce at a searing speed. Despite his injuries, he has the gift of generating the awkward bounce from a length at a good pace which has kept him a part of the South African bowling attack.



This Indian fast bowler is one of those sportsmen who has come in the limelight recently. He bowled his fasted of 152.5km/hr against Sri Lanka in 2014 and also gained a place in the top 10 fastest bowlers. Injuries have been hovering his career and  also that has kept him from playing as many matches as he should’ve ideally played. He was not able to play the 2015 world cup as well. His first IPL debut was also delayed due to injuries but now he is a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. We hope to see him in action sooner than later.



His recorded fastest bowl has been 152.6km/hr although he bowls a consistent of 145km/hr. He is known for his serious pace and consistency. It is interesting to see how the competition is so neck to neck in the race to the fastest bowler. It is not surprising that he has made his name on this list as he hails from the land of fast bowlers Barbados. This young man is also famous for his tremendous pace and means Yorkers. He has been quite unswerving but injuries have taken the better of him as well.



He is the mounting star of the New Zealand team. This young lad bowls the fastest of 153.2km/hr. He has clocked a speed of 153 against West Indies in a T20 match. He consistently bowls at a speed of 150km/hr and has also the potential to become the fastest bowler in the world. Milne has the skill and ability to bowl different lengths with great pace and that to on a regular basis which is commendable. This right arm fast bowler bowls in the lower order for the Kiwis. Age is his forte and he needs to work on bowling in changing pitch conditions and keeping fit to not let injuries take away his career from him.



This Pakistani bowler is the latest edition of the list. He bowls at a pace of 154.5km/hr. he recorded his highest pace against India in the 2015 world cup in the 49th over giving only 4 runs of the over. Riaz is a left-handed bowler and a right-handed batsman. He has been in and out of the Pakistani squad. He is also famous for his fast pace and nippy action. His career seems to be taking a downslide with the emergence of Mohammed Irfan and Junaid Khan. This bowler needs to buck up if he wants an enduring place in his home team.



There is little that has not been said about this fast bowler. Malinga or calling him the Pride of Sri Lanka wouldn’t be wrong as well. He is the most dangerous bowler. His fastest best is 155.7km/hr which is equal to Dale Steyn. He is also one man you should watch out for especially in the death overs. Everything about this bowler makes it to the news be it his bleached hair, his piercings, his tattoos, or his round-arm action, he has been the most flamboyant cricketer. Malinga has this devastating Yorker which has shattered the hopes of many batsmen along with their toes and wickets. He gathers speed eventually before his throw at the perfect pace. Malinga has also added the slow Yorker to his report card along with a mean bouncer.



Here we are with a man who has shone brightly since the beginning of his career. His fastest is 155.7km/hr. He is one of the finest bowlers the world has witnessed. His rhythmic sprint towards the crease and his repeatable action release is what all the young bowlers idealize. He is mostly an outswing bowler but has the element of surprise in his bowl which tends to strike with the one that goes the other way too. He maintains the consistent best of 140km/hr even at the dead end of a test match and all this high standard and quality is not bestowed to him rather he has earned it all with his hard work.


Popularly known as the mustache man, this Australian bowler has the record of 156.8km/hr as his fastest ball. Because of being a left arm fast bowler, his stock delivery for a right handed batsman is the one to look out for as it falls at an awkward angle. The ability to add an extra bounce at any given wicket is a trait he has up his sleeve. Known for his waywardness he is still among the best fast bowlers the country has known. He has the skill to play the most orthodox shots in the book and being an aggressive player he comes in handy at the lower order batsman as well. He is married to Jessica Bratich who is a karate enthusiast.


Hampshire's Fidel Edwards earned his first five-wicket haul since 2012 in the win against Sussex

Although this man is not a permanent player in West Indies, he is arguably one of the fastest bowlers. He has played 50 test matches and 50 ODI matches for his country. He fastest is 157.7km/hr. Also his bowling action is quite like that of Jeff Thompson and generates good pace and relies on his reverse swing to get his wickets. Like many others, he also has with injuries and has been on and off in his team. He has played for the Deccan Chargers and the Rajasthan Royals for the Indian Premier league.



This good-looking man from the Australian side makes it to the top of the fastest bowlers list. He has the deadly combination of fastest swing with height and also the accuracy that can also destroy any batting line up.  As his fastest best has been 160.4km/hr against New Zealand. He now plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore and is working hard for a permanent place on his own team. He did quite lead his team in the T20 world cup 2014 where his performance was just average. Although he did really well in the world cup of 2015 and was the leading wicket taker with 22 wickets. He rose to the no 1 spot in the ICC ODI bowler rankings for his hard work and talent.