Top 10 Indian Vegetarian food

Vegetarian food from India is loved worldwide. Vegetarian food is delicious, nutritious and full of freshness and variety. Authentic vegetarian food is healthy, easy to cook and made of rich Indian spices which add to the great taste and aroma of the food. It is hard to pick the list of the top Indian Vegetarian food but after much deliberation and research, here is the list of the top 10 Indian Vegetarian food which one can’t miss out on:

1. Malai Kofta:


Leisurely cooked for special occasions, this creamy dish is a definite top choice when it comes to the selection of top Vegetarian food. A rich dish made with kofta (vegetarian alternative to meatballs) and cream (malai) and various Indian spices, this goes really well with Naan and Jeera rice.

2. Chana Masala:


Popularly known as Chole masala, this is a must have traditional Punjabi dish. Very delicious and with distinct flavors this goes well with bhatura & naan (types of fried Indian bread) and rice. This is a very famous street food loved by vegetarians.

3. Dal Tadka:


One of all time favorite Indian dish, this is made with yellow lentils along with spices and butter or ghee. A perfect combination of all types of Indian bread (Roti, naan, chapatti) and rice, vegetarian meal is incomplete without this one.

4. Mutter Paneer:


A dish which usually leaves you licking fingers for its unique and authentic taste, Mutter paneer is made up of pieces of cottage cheese mixed with fresh peas in a rich creamy gravy of spices ,a most liked vegetarian dish unanimously.

5. Rajma:


An extremely popular dish all over India, especially in North, Rajma-Chawal (red kidney beans), definitely tops the list when it comes to picking the best food by Vegetarian lovers.

6. Palak Paneer:


A super healthy dish, Palak paneer is a favorite of many. A mildly flavored dish made up of palak (spinach) and Paneer (cottage cheese) is a great companion to go with roti, naan, and rice.

7. Aaloo Paratha:


Loved by vegetarians of all age groups,this is a kind of stuffed (potato) flatbread which can be eaten with yogurt, mango & lemon pickle or any chutney.

8. Bhindi Masala:


An easy to cook, lightly spiced bhindi (okra) masala is an everyday dish and is favorite of many. Bhindi masala goes very well with chapattis or soft phulkas.

9. Dum aloo:


Mainly a Punjabi dish, this can be made with different variations and each one is delicious. Made with usual Indian spices, delicately spiced, this dish was always preferred and liked by vegetarians.

10. Baingan Bharta:


Brinjals (eggplants) are vastly used in vegetarian cooking. There are multiple dishes made up of brinjals like stuffed baingan, fried baingan, and others but baingan ka bharta easily stands out. This is an evergreen recipe and all time favorite of vegetarians and a must have.

This list is surely not exhaustive and there are numerous other vegetarian dishes to add to this list. Indian vegetarian food is full of nutrients, great for metabolism and rich in taste and flavor. A perfect indulgence for your taste buds and a great way to explore the history and origin of Indian vegetarian cuisine.