Top 10 richest football clubs worldwide

Football   popularly known as soccer is one of the most famous and widely played game worldwide. There is a huge fan base for the game and world acclaimed football clubs. What make these clubs so popular and valuable are the magnificent social media exposure, large TV viewerships and great sponsorship deals around the world. According to some recent surveys, there has been a substantial increase in the popularity and valuation of these clubs in the recent times.

Below is the list of top 10 richest football clubs in the world:

Real Madrid


This Spanish giant is topping the list for 4 years in a row of being most valuable football team around the world. As per Forbes, the US business magazine, Real Madrid’s value is estimated at £2.52bn with annual revenue of $694 million. Real Madrid has always dominated the world football with extensive media coverage, winning titles, various sponsorship deals, and huge social media presence.

Barcelona Football club


Standing at a close margin to their top rivals, Barcelona stands at a total value of £2.46bn. Having won champions league 3 times, this is definitely one of the most valued football clubs. Very popular, Barcelona is one of most favorite and supported teams in the world. With some great players like Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi, this football club has always topped the charts in popularity and revenues. One of the most followed football team on social media; they have large viewership and are favored by sponsors always.

Manchester United Football Club


Valued at £2.3bn, this is a very professional football club from England. Manchester United football team has a huge fan following and many world records under their crown with many high profile player and a rich history of their game.

Bayern Munich


A German club based out of Munich in Germany is worth £1.85bn. They are one of the most dominant football team in Europe famous for their performance. One of the best professional team, this club was founded in 1900 and is going strong since then. With the increasing social media exposure and also sponsorship deals, they are fast becoming one of the rich and also widely followed football club.

Arsenal FC


 An English football club based out of Highbury, London has always been one of the top English football clubs. With their increasing fan following and social media presence, they are easily one of the richest football clubs worldwide. Total valuation around £1.4bn, they have always been known as ‘the invincibles’ for their unique style and professional game.

Manchester City Football Club


Standing with a total valuation of £1.33bn, Manchester City is another popular football club based out of Manchester, England. So, they have been one of the high revenue generators in the football world.



A premier league competitor Chelsea FC is an English club based out of Fulham, London. The club’s total value of club is as £1.15bn. Founded in 1905, the club had several attempts to re-brand its image.

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC HD Wallpaper 3
Liverpool FC HD Wallpaper 3

Very popular, a premier league association football club based in Liverpool, England, Liverpool FC is going strong since almost 3 decades. The club is worth £1.07bn. Liverpool FC has been among one of the greatest clubs in the world. But they have won 18 league titles and close to five European Cups and have always been the favorite choice of football lovers. They are the second most famous club in Asia and with a steady viewership and fan following in other parts of the world.

Juventus Football Club


With a total valuation of £900mn, Juventus FC, so known as Juve, is an Italian associated based football club with its base in Turin, Piedmont of Italy. They are the most successful club from Italy so far and famous for their technique and professional game.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club


An English football club with a total value of £704mn, Tottenham FC is located in Tottenham, London. They also compete in the premier league. One of the oldest English football team, founded in 1882. They were the first British club to win the UEFA club competition in 1967.