Top 5 asanas to do in morning

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“Top 5 Asanas to Start Your Day”

Morning is the time of the day when the mind is mist relaxed and body is more receptive to any activity. Doing yoga asanas in morning not only helps to enhance energy levels but it also boosts the immune system. It leaves a positive impact on the mind and the soul. There are numerous yoga poses and all of them have amazing benefits. Try the following top 5 yoga poses in morning and you will see remarkable changes in your health.

Surya Namaskar

This yoga asana is basically Sun salutation i.e. when the Sun is rising, it is celebrated. The Sunrise is the best time of the day to warm yourself up as at that time, there is a lot of positive energies in the atmosphere and you can feel that. Surya namaskar involves 7 major steps. This yoga asana helps you to build positivity in you and lights you up energetically. People are doing Surya Namaskar from the ancient times. Even the gods  were said to do this in praise of Surya Devta.


This asana is popularly known as the Chair Pose. The person has to pretend like he is sitting on a chair while actually, he is not. This asana helps to build strong thigh muscles. It is important to do this pose in a relaxing and comfortable situation. Stressing your muscles too much can cause strain and can reverse the effect of this asana. This yoga pose generates heat in the body and quickly builds energy in a body.


Trikonasana or the Triangle pose is a little difficult to do. You have to touch your one foot while keeping the other leg straight. This asana helps in balancing the root chakra of your body. Also, it improves your body’s stability and balancing. It helps to build stronger legs muscles and gives a strong sense of grounding to you. This also promotes healthy digestion and takes care of internal organs.


Natraj is said to be the God of Dancing and this yoga pose is inspired by him. Natrajasana is also known as Dance Pose. This asana helps to bring grace in one’s body. The backbend done in this asana helps to open up the heart space and subtle a beautiful energy in the body. This asana helps to maintain an equilibrium of balance between the mind and the body.


This asana is also known as Warrior Asana. This yoga asana works like a multi-vitamin for the body therefore it leaves a positive impact on almost every part of the body. It activates and stimulates the legs and the core of the body. The solar chakra and the hand orientation helps in building up the feelings of strong determination and confidence. It also encourages willpower in a person and activates a true sense of inner strength. Though It is possible to do at any time of the day but a dose of it in the morning helps you to feel active all through the day.