Honeymoon Destinations: You would remember lifelong!

Honeymooning The Offbeat Way!!

TRAVELLING. It leaves you SPEECHLESS, then turns you into a STORYTELLER. The best part of travel is the anticipation and excitement of delving into the unknown. Add to it an eclectic mix of newly wedded bliss and that glow of embarking on a journey with someone you love. What do you get? A honeymoon! Does it get any more special than that? Just like a marriage, there is so much hoopla surrounding the honeymoon that people buckle under peer pressure and ultimately end up choosing destinations that look “cool” for social media check-ins and tags. They never really eke out the fun factor to actually take chance on an unexplored honeymoon destinations.

Why don’t we go beyond the Paris and New York and London and Switzerland syndrome and take a leap further into the unexplored beauty of places that have untouched and exhilarating places to experience and explore. Some names are probably unheard of but I guess that’ll just up the mystery quotient.

Santorini, Greece


A picturesque island built into the cliffs rising up from the Aegean Sea, water as blue as glittering sapphires, beautiful white washed architecture and sunsets that take your breath away. If the word “paradise” had a picture to it, this volcanic island would be a perfect fit.

Lapland, Finland


Miles of snow stretching as far as the eyes can see, ice-fishing, husky rides and snowmobile excursions offering adventures galore. Glass igloos set in ice and imagine looking out to the Northern Lights shining brightly in the night sky. Can you imagine a better honeymoon destinations for romance?

Serengeti, Tanzania


Picture this. Sipping local wines on a terrace overlooking more than 25000 mammals, including Masai giraffes and black rhinos. A lush stretch of land that was formed more than two million years ago when a volcano collapsed and home to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. For someone wanting a once in a lifetime experience, the safaris and adventurous activities make way for an ideal honeymoon.

Bariloche, Argentina


Snow capped mountains, quaint wooden inns where you can spend your evenings snuggling in front of a roaring fire sipping hot chocolate and cooking marshmallows. If you are someone who loves to ski and want to have the exclusivity of sparsely crowded mountain slopes, Bariloche is the place for you.

Fort George, Croatia


By far one of the most romantic destinations there is. Set on the Adriatic coast amid astounding mountainous beaches and pine trees, this city will have you sipping champagne and watching a sunset atop one of its rocky cliffs with your feet dangling off its edges into infinity.

San Pellegrino Terme, Italy


One of Italy’s hidden treasures, San Pellegrino Terme is based at the foot of the Alps. Think you’re in need of some major TLC post the marriage frenzy? Well, look no further. This town that looks straight like something out of a postcard, exports to the world the most refreshing mineral water there is. The free flowing H2O also finds its way to one of the best spa’s in the country, specializing in therapies you can’t find anywhere else.

Dublin, Ireland


Known for its craft beers (think Guinness), music scene and cultural landmarks, there can’t be a better start to a honeymoon than driving through the Irish country side. Ever fantasized about staying in a historic castle from the thirteenth century? Dublin offers all that and more. Time to turn that fantasy into reality!

Lake Baikal, Russia


Apparently formed around 25 million years ago, this is the deepest and also the oldest freshwater lake in the world. Beautiful to visit in any season throughout the year, Lake Baikal is famous for dog sledding, ice skating, and also for wildlife spotting. Water so clear you can see 40 meters into the lake. It’s home to some of the most exotic marine life in the world.

Hoi An, Vietnam


An ancient UNESCO registered world heritage site, this port town boasts picture-perfect countryside, lovely riverside cafes, mouth-watering local cuisine and glorious beaches. Imagine being on a honeymoon where you can participate in their lantern festival and you get to take boats out in the river at night, light lanterns and float them on the water. Imagining it feels so surreal, I wonder how living this experience might feel like?

Lhasa, Tibet


Want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the popular honeymoon destinations? Craving some quiet, peace and seclusion? Welcome to the land that is termed as “majesty on the roof of the world”. Your first view of the red and white Potala Palace, home to the Dalai Lama promises to be an awe-inspiring experience. The incredible view of the Himalayas claims to leave a person breathless. The local markets are a haven for artifacts and souvenirs that can be taken back home. We promise you, no photo edits and filters needed for this one!

There are countless places around the world, each special in its own way and hence it’s impossible to pin down all of them. A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience. So let go of the fear of the Unknown and step out of your comfort zone. You’ll live moments you’ll never regret, get to know yourselves in ways you’d never dreamt possible. They’ll be memories you’ll forever hold precious.  So it is said that the best stories of our lives are found between the pages of a passport. Make sure yours are worth a hundred re-reads.