Find who are Top Indian Cricketers Of This Century …Don’t forget to read why


Cricket in India is not just a game. Its religion. Most people probably even believe that cricket is India’s national sport. We Indians celebrate the victory of our team more than we celebrate Diwali or eid. We consider a cricket match as holy as a temple visit. Indians are even superstitious while watching cricket, for example, they don’t like to get up from a spot thinking that it will make the team loose. As ridiculous as it sounds, It’s the spirit of the country that keeps the players going. It’s the immense support and love that has made Indian cricketers and Indian cricket on number 1 slot today.

Here are some players who have made the country proud with their spectacular game.


There is very little that has been unsaid about this amazing small town talent. With his recent movie on the big screens, his life story is out in the open. From a small-town ticket collector to the greatest player the nation has seen, he is truly an inspiration for all. From being the best captain to a great wicket keeper to an even better batsman and the humblest human being, MS Dhoni has it all. The only captain to lift all the ICC trophies for the country and the 4th highest run collector is this man.


There isn’t much that needs to be said about this great player. Started his career at the age of 11 and played for the country for about 24yrs. Sachin has taken Indian and world cricket to another level. He holds the record for being the only player in the world to have scored 100 centuries in international cricket. Sachin is the only player who has 30000 runs in international cricket as well. He is the winner of the Arjuna award, the Khel Ratna award, and also the Padma Bhushan.


He can be classified as the today’s cricketer who holds his emotion and aggression on his sleeve but still maintains the poise and stature while playing the game. Well, that I guess is what makes him so profound. Titles such as brash and arrogant were stuck on his name, but with age, experience, and guidance from his senior players he seems to have curbed all of that and shone as a more polished cricketer. He has come to become the most polished batsman in the Indian middle order and his skill with the bat seems to work magic as and when required. His most sort after fielding, his gung-ho attitude and the atmosphere he creates with his match makes him the most talked about cricketer of the recent times.


This man has made an extraordinary career for himself with his efforts and passion for the game. With minimum footwork and maximum boundaries, he is the one to score fastest runs in test cricket in the history of cricket. Bowlers fancy the chance to bowl to a batsman who has a number of strokes on their bat but this guy fancies them more. His approach to cricket is a very simple of scoring maximum runs in minimal time. Grew up idolizing Sachin and went on to play master strokes with the man himself. Ane He made a triple-hundred, the first by any Indian with Sachin along his side. He has a keen eye for his and his opponent’s strengths and weakness and exploits them fully.


Affectionately known as Dada which translates to elder brother in Bengal, this man has made India proud on many occasions. Dada is currently the president of the cricket board of Bengal and the president of the Editorial board of Wisden India. He is presently the 8th highest run scorer in one-day international cricket and the 3rd man to cross the 10000 runs mark in international cricket after Sachin and Inzamam ul Haq. Saurav has been awarded the Padma Shri award in 2004 which is the highest civilian honor given. Dada is given the credit of transforming the careers of many young players who played under him and also transformed the India side into an aggressive playing one.


He is regarded as one of the last classic test batsman team India has witnessed. Never a natural at his game, but made his name through sheer hard work and concentration which was almost yogic. Known for his calm, slow and steady outlook towards the game he was also known as the wall of Indian cricket. Once out there on the crease, it was very difficult to get this man back to the pavilion. Played his part excellently even as a wicket keeper and also aided team India in reaching the finals of world cup 2003. Initially, the selectors saw him as a liability in the 50 over match but he later retooled his game. He became an adept middle order batsman.


The man to get India the world cup of 1986 is Kapil Dev. Known as one of the best all-rounders of all time this man was even the coach of India for a brief period of 10 months. He is also awarded as the Indian cricketers of the century in 2002 ahead of even Sachin Tendulkar. Dev was India’s main striker bowler for most of his career and was known for his out swingers. Kapil was also a natural batsman who swung the bat with ease and helped India in difficult situations. He retired in 1994 when he held the record for most number of test wickets. In 2008 he joined the Indian Army as a lieutenant colonel. He joined as the honorary colonel.


As right handed Indian batsman who was also an occasional off spin bowler. Laxman made his name in the game of Cricket. He played IPL for the Deccan Chargers and also awarded the Padma Shri by the Indian government. Just like his role model Azharuddin, people know him for his impeccable timing and his ability to hit against the spin. Laxman is famous for his leg side hits and also with the subtle movements of his wrists. He was capable of swinging the ball in all places. VVS usually fielded at the slips or at the bat bad position as he was a great catcher. He was also in the great Quartet along with Sachin, Dravid and dada.


As far as popularly known as the hitman of India, this opener has truly been one of its kind in the Indian cricketing history. He seldom fails to let down his team. His fans and even the critics would also agree that he is one player we need in the top order. He is one man who makes hitting looks like a cake walk while bringing extravagance and oomph to the game. When scoring 137 in the world cup quarter finals against Bangladesh, this man showed that people would remember him for long time.


Currently the head coach of the Indian Cricket team. Kumble was a right arm leg spin bowler who remained to be the 3rd highest wicket taker in test cricket. As He was not one of those bowlers who relied on the big turn of the ball. He was more of accuracy and pace which he excelled at. His ball bounced with subtle variations which made it difficult for the batsman to face him which is how he gained his name and fame. Anil too got award as the 4th highest civilian award the Padma Shri in 2005. He later in 2008 announced his retirement. Kumble was the 4th Indian player to have his name in the ICC hall of fame.