Top Summer Vacation Places To Spend Your Holidays

Summer is knocking over at our doors and with that is approaching the complete package of holidays which ask up for the destinations where one can take a break from that hectic life and obviously a scorching weather. You know where there are many of the parts of India that during summers seem like almost getting roasted over under the heat of the sun, there are also some of the areas which have that lot satisfying weather to make someone feel cool and calm at the very same time.

So, you are here advised to bring over your diary and a pen, which can help you in figuring out about which destination would be best for your vacation this year. Let’s take a quick view over all of the best-rated destinations for spending summer holidays this time:


First comes first and this place is just first of every other place. This “Little Tibet” is that package of heaven which cannot be easily defined in words, and the beauty here can only be experienced by making a visit over. There are major of motorcyclists who make their plan every summer to take an adventurous trip in here. All that can be said about this place is, it is incredible, like totally!


The second place that can be considered as not less than a heaven especially for family trips and honeymoons. Being resided in the north east region, it is been said that this place is not actually that much explored like any other area and so there is a lot that one can experience out of this.


Next to the rarely explored tourist spot, here comes the one which can be considered as that most explored one. Yes, this place is like for whole of the summer stuffed with tourists who without any doubt get to experience some amazing time in here, totally worth of making a visit at least once.


This is the place which most of the people are already aware of. And also is considered as that home kind of tourist place where one can happily spend their summer holidays. The most amazing thing about this spot is that the weather. Here is completely bearable during summers, so which in other words can be categorized as ‘Perfect’.

Andaman Islands

Almost everyone is aware of this tourist spot, which is at most famous for spending honeymoons. This place has in total 52 islands, it is been said that the freedom fighters during a fight for independence were kept in Cellular Jail. Here away from everyone which is now a museum.


You know, your search for tourist spot can never take an end if it does not include Kashmir within. And obviously why not, after all this is the only place which is famous as ‘Heaven on Earth’. This place actually includes the trio of three places which are named as Gulmarg, Srinagar, and Pahalgam. Which combining together provide an unimaginable experience to their tourists.


Entangled between the borders of India and China. This is the best destination where one should make a visit to know that Buddhist tradition at the core. You don’t really have to have a visa for making a visit in here, you can do that via road.


A place which one can categorize as the mixture of spirituality and adventure, both work hand in hand at this place. This is actually considered as the birth place for Yoga and meditation, so, a perfect place to find peace in.


The pretty charming hill station which is perfect for a family or a couple. Or anyone to make a visit during the time of summers as this can make you get relieved from that hectic life. It is been said that this place is best to make a visit during the June to October. As, during this time, the only thing one can look over here is greenery all over.


And this list cannot really take an end without mentioning this destination that is been famous all over for national as well as international tourist. This is not about the beach but also many other places are there which are worth of making a visit. To such as Chapora Fort, Dudhsagar waterfalls, Viceroy’s arch and much more.

So, now you have this list with you, all you got to do is choose over the one which either you have never visited or the one you love to make a visit at.