Welcome New Chairman of TATA

Finally, Tata group got its new Chairman named S Padmanabhan. He took place of Mr. Cyrus Mistry who gave resigned last month from the position of chairman of Tata group. Tata group has announced the appointment of chairman today (5th January 2017)
S Padmanabhan was brought back in December as an additional director formally who was executive director of operations till 2014.

Mr. Padmanabhan is executive chairman of Tata Business Excellence group and he is also taking care as a head of a human resource for Tata sons’ group.
To be precise with the situation, Tata group had arranged the emergency general meeting on 26th December 2016 of shareholders to make a decision to remove Cyrus Mistry but he had resigned on 19th December 2016.
S Padmanabhan is associated with Tata group from last 34 years, from that he has served 26 years for Tata Consultancy Services.

A new chairman was praised by Tata Group before for his extraordinary performance which gave growth to the company with sustainable profit in all thermal and hydro generation plants in India and distribution and transmission system in Mumbai.