What Woman Want From Her Dream Man

Understanding a woman has been a secret from ages so stating what they want would be a little difficult. After all, it is difficult to find a man after her own heart. Understanding her may sound like a riddle but if you have these qualities you would surely be her superman. Every woman is unique and so are their choices but there are certain universal qualities she seeks in her partner.

Good sense of humor

This is a quality of which most women are attracted to. Women find serious men boring. They love the company of a man who can make them laugh which gives them an indication that he would keep her happy and also smile forever. They feel life would be much more interesting and lively with a company of such partners.

Optimistic and positive attitude

They like a person who is strong enough to get up and fight the challenges. They like a partner with a never die attitude. A person who is motivated and optimistic is the most preferred one. A woman wants her partner to support her and also protect her and not the one who is weak and needs to be supported.

Love and Respect

This is every girl’s dream to be treated like a princess by her man. Your love is shown in how much you respect and care for her. Express your love, surprise her, compliment her, take care of her when she falls ill, protect and support her when is needs you. She loves when her man pulls out a chair for her, opens the door for her, pays the bill for the date, sounds little filmy but she adores it. Her man is her world and she loves to be pampered by him.

Reliable and intelligent

A woman seeks an intelligent partner who is not baffled by challenges but could make decisions promptly. They want smart, mature partners who could be reliable enough to handle any situation. He should be responsible and able to take care of the family well.


Man talking to women at bar

Making those white lies? DON’T.
She is smarter than you to keep her eyeballs rolling over you to catch you red handed. Other characteristic women search in their man is honesty and loyalty. As it is said honesty is the best policy. So don’t even dare to cheat her, she could sniff it and dig that dirt out.

To be on his priority list

Women are lured by men who set them as their first priority. Be it her birthday or anniversary or an important date, so she expects you to remember those special days to cherish and celebrate together.

Galore surprises

She loves surprises and especially if it is a romantic one. A candle-light dinner and a box full of chocolates, a bouquet of red roses or a sexy dress is what she wants in gifts from you. And in any situation diamonds, her best friend would surely be a savior for you.

Every woman wants to be the most special person for their partner. She wants him to adore her, love her, notice little things about her and also coddle her in his arms to make her feel protected. This is what every woman dreams her prince charming to be.