Wondering How To Make Your Partner Feel Special?


We all love our partners a little more than we generally tend to show. We usually get busy with our lives or wait for the special day to express and show our affection. I say why wait for that one day in the year to make your partner feel special? Do it now. Do it today. Take them by surprise. Do something special when they least expect it.

We usually do these little special things for them on in the beginning of the relationship. And then slowly as time passes these things fade away and we are only waiting for the one day to surprise them and that’s the day they’ll probably be expecting a surprise. And thus, here are a few ideas to make your loved ones feel like they are worth it even on a Tuesday.


We are usually doing all this planning and looking through trips that we could take with our loved ones in the holidays but often we don’t get around to do it. So why not just pack a bag for two and hit the road. Why not just pick them up from work on Friday evening and surprise them with a lovely weekend getaway around the city. It doesn’t have to be a lavish affair. It doesn’t need to be an exotic place. All that matters is the thought and some quality time.



You’ve seen them look out for shoes or a book or as simple as a pen, just swipe your card and get it packed to their workplace or home if you don’t want to miss the million-dollar expression on their face. You know what they fancy and what an ideal gift for them would be, so this is an easy one. Just do it and it will be worth every penny you spent.



Just call his friends home after work and surprise him with some good food and chilled beer for them. A PSP game setup for them will be an icing. He’ll love a party when he is least expecting it. And after a long day of work some chatter, good food and best friends is sometimes all you need.



Write a note to him in the morning saying he is the boss for the next 24hrs and you’ll do exactly what he wants. Be it a day at home with the dog or a movie night or a coffee date or a date with this video game. Anything that he wishes for will be your command. And we bet that he’ll love to feel like he is so important and that he his command is your wish and the other way around.


All you need to do is land up at his work on a weekday afternoon with his favorite food packed. It’ll be great if you could make it yourself. Sharing the meal with him will be the best thing you could do but if you are too busy yourself just leave him a note or give him a hug and give him the food. And his smile will be worth all the trouble you took.



Just before he leaves for work, hide some goodies in his work bag or his dashboard. Be it his favorite chocolates or his favorite Doritos or some marshmallows. Let him have a full cheat day with his own bag of junk. He’ll definitely be touched by your thoughtfulness.



Don’t nag him about how his clothes have gotten old and how he needs to go shopping. Instead just stop at a mall, you his size and his taste. Pick up some stuff for him, in pairs or singles and arrange it in the wardrobe for him. Let him discover it when he opens his wardrobe next and he’ll love the change. We all do.



He sure would’ve mentioned that he wants to go watch a football game or wants to see this action movie that you wouldn’t prefer or binge watch his favorite tv show. Well, this time do it for him. Surprise him with tickets for the game night or the movie. Put on his favorite tv show and watch it with him. He’ll love every minute of it.

world cup football fans cheer at television sport


Your partner will love anything you cook for them and often than not we end up making simple things because of our busy lifestyle. Pick a day, maybe a Sunday and make a lavish full-course meal. His favorite things will be an added bonus. You can even go for a picnic and pack some home cooked food. To eat in outdoors in the lovely weather will be more romantic than you’d have thought. Start the day with breakfast in bed with a lovely message. Do spend some time to beautify each dish and add your special touch to it. And all this because the old saying is true, “The stomach is the easy way to reach man’s heart”.



Both of you need to relax after the city life that you go through every day. And all you need to do is pick up the phone and reserve a couple spa for both of you. Nothing feels better than some therapy and pedicure after a hard week. With your partner, the fun and feeling are double the good. And the gesture definitely won’t go unnoticed.